Five things you must listen to: Sad British Pop edition

Strangeways, here we come. To celebrate Moz’s memoirs, Alex Mackay chooses his top 5 melancholy melodies.

At 12.01am last Thursday, Steven Patrick Morrissey, the high priest of indie kids everywhere, released his catty memoirs on an unassuming public. Filled with enough excoriating takedowns and libellous barbs to give Mike Joyce and Andy Rourke’s lawyers headaches, the 600+ page tome has already become a bestseller. In honour of Autobiography, and the undoubted influence that The Smiths have left on melancholy teenagers everywhere; this week, The Stand presents a special, sad British pop-themed selection for you charming men and women:

Frankly Mr Shankly – The Smiths

Atmosphere – Joy Division

This Woman’s Work – Kate Bush

Street Spirit (Fade Out) – Radiohead

The Cave – Mumford and Sons

(Marcus Mumford’s caterwauling is enough to make anyone burst into tears.)



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