Stand Up: Megan Edwards, Uni Boob Team Leader

COPPAFEEL! St Andrews…

“Who’s boobs would you want to be for the day?”

What a great interview question! Megan Edwards went with Jennifer Lawrence during her interview to become the leader of the St Andrews branch of charity CoppaFeel! I’m impressed she managed to come up with an on-the-spot answer, I definitely need more time to think about that one…

My first encounter with CoppaFeel! was a run-in with a giant inflatable boob outside of the library. As Megan so aptly said, “You don’t know panic until you see a giant boob flying towards you!” Yes, it is a tad scary, but it’s a memorable way to remind us ladies of the importance of checking ourselves for signs of breast cancer, the charity’s primary aim.

CoppaFeel! was founded in 2009 by Kristin Hallenga, who was diagnosed aged 23 and now lives with incurable secondary breast cancer. The charity aims to ensure that all breast cancers are diagnosed as early as possible to give the highest chance of effective treatment. Their mission is to get young women everywhere checking their boobs regularly, and with the help of the Uni Boob Team they’re making sure that no one in St Andrews forgets!

boob check image

As well as running around in giant boob costumes, the St Andrews Uni Boob Team is also in the process of organising Boob Week: a week of fundraising activities like a pub quiz, fun run and bake sales (with boob cupcakes, naturally), starting on 21stOctober. They’re all about raising awareness of the signs and symptoms of breast cancer. So many young women never check themselves, thinking it will never happen to them, but no one is invincible or immune to breast cancer, not even Australians (as one girl in Freshers’ Week apparently tried to claim).

So if the sight of the giant boob wasn’t enough, they’ll even send you a totally free monthly reminder, all you have to do is text STAND to 70500. Be warned the message is hilarious; it will make your day! You can also like the St Andrews Uni Boob Team’s Facebook or follow them on Twitter @UBTStAndrews. If you fancy getting the boob costume on yourself, the Uni Boob Team are always keen for new volunteers and have just become an affiliated society. Their IGM is Wednesday at 6pm in the Union, when they’ll be electing positions such as Publicity Officer, Treasurer and Secretary.


So ladies, keep an eye out for the CoppaFeel! next time you’re out and about, and remember to take one of their information cards so you can coppafeel yourself.

After all this boob chat I’ve had plenty of time to think about the fundamental question: whose boobs would I want to be for the day? I would have to go for Marilyn Monroe. Who would you choose?