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Let’s face it. Even though St Andrews is merely pint-sized, we students consider ourselves too damn special to brave a 20-minute walk to, say, Morrisons, and shun party invites from […]

Let’s face it. Even though St Andrews is merely pint-sized, we students consider ourselves too damn special to brave a 20-minute walk to, say, Morrisons, and shun party invites from DRA-dwellers. Unlike other university students, who regularly walk or take public transport to lectures and tutorials, we resort to a service that is clearly out of the student budget.


When we are faced with ghastly Scottish weather, a last-minute party invite, or a drunken walk home on blistered feet in fashionably agonising stilettos, we whip out our Blackberries or iPhones and order a taxi. Or suck it up and walk ALL THE WAY OVER to the Bell Street or South Street taxi stands. But with over 25 listed taxi companies, how do you make an informed decision?


   To the detriment of my wallet and the amusement of my more financially prudent friends, I have enough taxi numbers saved on my phone to take a different one every day of the week (yay variety!). So I decided to justify my overreliance on taxis as ‘research’ for ‘reviews’. After a week of strenuous ‘research’, I have compiled the following:


Golf City Taxis (01334 477788)
Well, it’s one of the larger taxi companies in town, and they have a lot of cars, so I always call them out of convenience during busy hours. The service is relatively prompt but the drivers always honk the horn. I don’t really appreciate that.

Take their taxis if you:  expect a standard service. 





Club Cars (01334 479900)
Club Cars used to be my default taxi company to call since they give you a student discount (if you are lucky). They also have a hilarious Czech driver called Mario who is pretty funny. However, the operator who works in the evenings is rude most of times and has sent taxis to the wrong addresses MULTIPLE times. But they do have large vans, which could be convenient if you are moving luggage to your new flat at the end of the year.

Take their taxis if you:  have a lot of luggage. Or a masochistic streak. 




Williamsons (01334 839279)
I called them for research purposes and because the number was somehow in my contacts. The taxi was sent very quickly, but the driver kept honking the horn at us.

Take their taxis if you:  want to bring the joys of rush hour traffic right to your doorstep. 




Independent Taxis (01334 840331)
My friend always calls them, so I decided to give them a try. The operator always answers with “Innnnn-dependent taxis,” which is pretty hilarious. The service is standard.

 Take their taxis if you:  have a similar sense of humour as me, or are five years old.



A2B (01334 474647)

Got this one out of the St Andrews directory and took it to one of my morning lectures. The driver was polite and all, but the car reeked of stale cigarette smoke. 

Take their taxis if you:  are nostalgic for the unique ambience of a pre-smoking-ban pub.




Jay Taxis (01334 476622)
Owned by a very sketchy man. Sometimes when you call their number, it goes to a seedy voicemail, or you might be greeted with the screeching sound of a fax coming through. However, if you are lucky and they do pick up they’ll send a taxi for you right away.

Take their taxis if:  walking home alone at night just isn’t scary enough.




H M Taxis (01334 474700)
They always seem to have cars and provide a “ring-back” service, which is definitely a better alternative to hearing the horn outside your window every 5 seconds.

Take their taxis if you:  just want to hear your mobile ring. Just once.




St Andrews Taxis (01334 477272)
I never even think of calling them, but end up always taking one of their taxis after a night out since they are always lined up on Bell Street. I always managed to get back to my flat safe and sound so I think their service is good?

Take their taxis if you:  are worried that your brain will decide that a roadside hedge is just as comfy as your bed.




Prestige Taxi (07753 834433)
It’s basically owned by its amiable driver, Stewart, and consists of a single silver BMW.  I’d have to say that out of all the taxi services, Prestige Taxi is definitely the best option. I have become a regular so I could be a bit biased, but whether you are calling a taxi because you’re late for lectures or if you can’t be bothered to walk home with shopping bags, this is the taxi you want to call. Stewart will always give you a hand with the bags and will always start a friendly chat. One drawback is that he doesn’t work on Sundays, Mondays, and late evenings.

Take their taxis if you:  wish to be chauffeured about town in a manner befitting a student such as yourself.





Written Yeji Monda, understand writer