Five things you must do this week

1) Go Surfing on Thursday   Do you like lots of rubber and getting wet? In that case give the surf club a buzz. One of St Andrews’ newest sports […]

1) Go Surfing on Thursday


Do you like lots of rubber and getting wet? In that case give the surf club a buzz. One of St Andrews’ newest sports clubs, it can promise you the best dip in the North Sea you’ve ever had. Apparently, it doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned pro or just like to pretend to surf in the bath, the club can accommodate for all abilities. Go down to East Sands and check them out this Thursday.  If the lessons aren’t in progress some of the competitive surf team will be flaunting their shredding skills!


Check them out  their website.


2) Go to the Public Debate on Thursday


After you’ve dried off from the North Sea, join the Union Debating Society in Lower Parliament Hall, South Street for ‘This house will drop out of the EU’. The debate will feature Paul Nuttall MEP and member of UKIP (guess which side of the debate he’ll be on…). If you’re thinking about speaking but need a bit of Dutch courage, port is going to be served from 7:30-8:00. If you need to recover your wits post-debate, you’ll be given a 10% discount on all drinks in the Byre.


3) Get a Squeeze 500 ticket on Thursday or Friday


Do you like lemons? Do you like swing dancing? Well, never mind the lemons – you should definitely get a ticket for Squeeze 500 this Thursday and Friday at 10:00 am outside the Union. Squeeze 500 will be on Monday, the 24th of October at the Union, and will consist of fabulous dancing, a live band, electro swing, and zingy cocktails (that’s where the lemons come in). It’ll be a night to remember. For more info, check out their Facebook page.


So get your ticket, and give it a squeeze.


4) Learn to Samba on Friday


You know those lyrics from the timeless Rihanna hit, “Don’t Stop the Music,” where she says, “I gotta get my body moving, shake the stress away…” ? Well, this Friday, go shake yo’ stress away to the Brazilian beats of the Ethnic Dance Society’s Samba class, from 4 to 5pm in the Salad Bowl. You will shake your hips to the rhythms of Rio, Bahia, and the Favelas learning the styles of Carnival samba, samba-reggae, and baile funk. Be ready to sweat, holler, and gyrate to release your inner beast. Men and women welcome!!! Check out the Ethnic Dance Society Facebook page for more info!


5) Listen to Saint Rap On at 9:00 pm on Sunday


Do you ever feel that you need to get out of the Bubble and get in touch with reality? Do you ever feel the need to drop the tweed and get back to ‘the streets’? Now you can. Between 9:00 – 11:00 pm, you can tune into STAR and hear Sweden’s very own E-Ni(G)ma (Nima Shahmalekpur), C-Money (Claes Winberg), and Arvid PsC (Arvid Hallberg) drop hit beats, as if Tupac and Biggy are back and somehow getting along.
the stand sat down with E-Ni(G)ma to get the low down. Here’s what we could decipher from the cryptic conversation.
“You can rap over heavy metal, but that wouldn’t be hip-hop.”
“Our type of music is hip-hop and rap although rap is a vocal style.”
“Honestly I would describe us as incredibly Trap.”

“Here’s how we feel about OFWGKTA. They were cool because they had a new type of  beat. Then everyone realized they were 17 year old kids talking about some incredibly disturbing issues. In the end, we still like them because it’s mainstream to not like them, and we’re not mainstream.”

True that. Tune in.