It’s time to meet who you’ve crowned Soton’s most eligible bachelorette 2021

The first place she’s going after lockdown is Sobar for a Quad Vod

After a few weeks of fierce competition, your votes have narrowed three rounds of gorgeous bachelorettes down to just one champion.

We can finally announce that the winner of Soton’s most eligible bachelorette is Lucy!

Lucy is second year a Law student who won you over with her “hips like Shakira”, and charmed you with her best chat-up line.

How do you feel about being crowned the winner?

Lucy told us: “I feel amazing!” and that she’s “not going to shut up about it for months now.” Rightly so.

How do you plan to celebrate?

“I wish I was going to Sobar, but getting drunk with my housemates sounds just as good.” Sobar is just over the horizon, stay strong Lucy.

What’s your favourite night out in Soton?

Lucy is “definitely an Ocies Wednesday” kinda girl. Eligible bachelors, you know where to find her.

Post-lockdown, where will you be headed first?

Lucy chose everyone’s guilty pleasure: “I think for sure I’ll be running to Sobar for a Quad Vod.” Why not pay Manzil’s an overdue visit on the way home?

Congratulations Lucy!

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