A group of Solent girls got stuck in a uni lift and documented the whole thing on TikTok

They drank wine and ‘belted out sad songs’ to pass the time

I’m sure many of us can relate to that underlying fear of being stuck in a lift. Unfortunately for a group of Solent students, this nightmare became a living reality.

Last week at 1am, four Solent girls got trapped in a lift in their halls. One of the girls, Hannah Green, decided to capture the experience on TikTok and provide us with some quality content of their ordeal. The TikTok has over one million views.

The viral video gives snippets of the stressful experience, describing and rating each stage of the incident. The wine clearly helped drown their sorrows away as they swigged from the bottle.

During their time in the lift, the CCTV camera fell down, hanging from just the wire, and a loud alarm went off which only added to the girl’s fear.

A group of lads attempted to rescue the girls by making a team effort to wrench open the lift doors with their bare hands but failed to save them. After endless sobbing and singing, help was at hand.

The girls were trapped in the lift for around two hours, and Hannah told The Soton Tab they felt “stressed and shocked” when they initially got stuck.

To occupy themselves, the girls “belted out sad songs” as a reflection of their hopelessness, like 1-800-273-8355 by Logic and listened to Pop Smoke to pass the time.

Hannah told The Soton Tab: “We finished off the rest of our drinks, spoke to security and our friends from the other side of the lift”, presumably including the boys that made an attempt to save the damsels in distress.

After a long time of shouting “I’m claustrophobic Darren!”, the fire brigade came to the rescue after making a dramatic appearance to their halls.

Since the TikTok has hit off, Hannah said: “I thought a couple of friends would see it and laugh, not one million!”

At least they lived to tell the tale and gave us something to laugh about in lockdown.

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