Being single on Valentine’s Day is actually the best and here’s why

Because February 14th is just a regular day

The past year has been a real struggle for everyone and it’s not necessarily getting any easier. For many, Valentine’s Day is filled with chocolates, flowers and tacky teddy bears but, for us singletons, a day dedicated to love can leave us feeling a bit down.

But why should Valentine’s day be purely for couples when love can be found in all relationships both platonic and romantic?

Here are all the reasons it’s okay to be single this Valentine’s Day:

Rom-coms are better on screen than IRL

What better way to spend your evening than watching a really cheesy rom-com with your housemates? And with a variety of films to pick from who needs a real-life Valentine?

From the hilarious Bridesmaids to the heart-warming Love Simon, there is no better time to embrace romance than from the comfort of your own sofa, with a box of chocolates (from you to you of course).

You save so much money when you’re single

As students, we all know money can be a real struggle sometimes so why feel the need to spend extra on extortionately expensive gifts bumped up in price purely for their red heart packaging?

Instead, we invest in some cheap chocolate and strawberries from Portswood’s finest Sainsburys and treat yourself to an evening in with your housemates.

You can have a self-care day

Not that we ever need an excuse to have a self-care day but Valentine’s Day more than most is a prime opportunity to don a face and hair mask and sit back and relax.

Make it a true Galentine’s celebration and make your own home spa – nothing better than a joint self-love day.

You can spread some friendly love

Use a day dedicated to love to let your housemates know how much they mean to you.

Whether you gift them their favourite snack or a handwritten note, being single doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate. Why not wake your house up to the smell of bacon? Or wow them with your cooking (or a Dominos). Remember friendships last a lifetime.

You don’t need a date to have a drink

As lockdown three sadly doesn’t allow us to grace our favourite Turtle Bay or Revs, why not bring Side Chick Martinis and Mojitos to you.

With some cheap Aldi alcohol and a sprinkle of imagination, enjoy an evening of cocktails with your house. Take it up a notch by making a cocktail competition – each housemate makes a different cocktail and is judged out of ten. If they’re Valentine’s themed then they can get extra points!

Joggers are so much comfier than dressing up

Given that the only time to dress up is to go to the library or Aldi, who can be bothered to put in the effort for a night in?

Rather than wasting money on a gorgeous new outfit, enjoy the comfort of your loungewear and a blanket, eating chocolate strawberries, and watching When Harry Met Sally.

Being single just isn’t that bad!

Finally, it is important that being in a relationship should never define you and in the tough situation we all find ourselves in, we need to remember to focus on ourselves.

Whether you’re in a relationship or not this Valentine’s Day, remember to look out for those you love, but most importantly yourself.

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