A Southampton Black Lives Matter protest is being held this week

A peaceful, socially distanced protest will be held outside Guildhall

A Black Lives Matter, peaceful protest, is being held in Southampton this week.

The protest is happening in solidarity with the US rebellion against police racism after the death of George Floyd.

The protest is being held on Wednesday 3rd from 17:00pm, outside Guildhall.

A Facebook event was created called ‘BLACK LIVES MATTER PROTEST’, and it is hosted by the organisation Southampton Protests, where details of the address, purpose and time of the socially distanced protest are to take place.

The organisation has told attendees to “keep it peaceful, this will be a safe space.”

Information about the protest has been posted on their Instagram page, BLMSouthampton, stating that this is not a march but a demonstration. It will be a showcase of creative performances, including poetry/spoken word, chanting, singing and public speaking.

The organisation has outlined safety precautions to help ensure social distancing is observed during the protest. Those that are attending are asked to maintain distance, wear a mask and consider bringing hand sanitiser.

They have urged those that are displaying symptoms or are high risk, or are living with those that are that they “please do not attend”.

Currently 200 people are shown to be attending on the event, with over 100 interested.

The organisation, Southampton Protests, has been contacted for comment.