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These are the best places to eat out in Southampton as a veggie or vegan

We got you

There's nothing worse than going out for food and finding the only thing available to you on the menu is a superfood salad.

So we thought we might offer you a helping hand in your plant-based journey and suggest some of the best food for veggies and vegans in restaurants in Southampton.

Noodle 8

The restaurant offers multiple vegetarian and vegan options of noodles and ramen. However, the real selling point here is the vegan faux duck wraps, the texture is so realistic you'll question whether it's real duck.

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Baboo Ji

Imagine being a vegetarian and going somewhere where you can eat everything on the menu. Well here you can!

Baboo Ji has recently opened, bringing the people of Portswood amazing vegetarian/vegan Indian food.

The restaurant offers a social sharing platter for £26 meaning you can try multiple dishes and I can confirm it is plant-based deliciousness.

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The Rockstone

The Rockstone is perfect if you are going out to dinner with vegans or meat-lovers. The restaurant offers creative meat and plant-based burgers.

I first went here before I was veggie and ordered what I thought was chicken wings. When they came they were amazing, however I was confused by there being no bone. Turns out the wings were vegan and potentially some of the best wings I've ever had.

Trago Lounge

It's a Portswood classic which caters for everyone no matter their meat-eating status.

A personal favourite is the Brooklyn Brunch which has all the classic components of halloumi, avocado, eggs and much more.

The lounge now also sells the Moving Mountains Hot Dog, perfect for any vegans missing their dose of sausage.

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Lakaz Maman

Owned by the 2012 winner of MasterChef, Lakaz Maman is a relaxed atmosphere serving authentic Mauritian street food with a modern twist.

The restaurant has oodles of vegetarian and vegan options including some delish cauliflower poppers.

Despite being owned by a MasterChef winner the restaurant won't break the bank and even has a BOYB policy where you can bring bottles of wine or beer and just pay a corkage fee.