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Royal Navy bomb disposal services handle ‘unidentified object’ found on Highfield Campus

Students have been evacuated from the surrounding building

An unidentified object has been found on Highfield campus on the building site near the Zeplar and Murray buildings, at around midday today.

Students have told The Soton Tab a Royal Navy bomb disposal van and two police cars were present at the scene and the area has been cordoned off.

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Several students have been evacuated from lectures or had their lectures cancelled in the surrounding building, including lectures in the Murray building.

The University recently tweeted about the incident, explaining the the object is yet to be identified.

Many students have heard that an unexploded WW2 bomb was found, but this hasn't been officially confirmed.

The University recently Tweeted stating that the object has been declared safe and that buildings "will revert to normal operations ASAP"

A spokesperson from the University told The Soton Tab that they are unable to say what the object was, but that it has been "dealt with by the Navy".

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