Lily Browne

Lily Browne
Southampton University


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Ruby Wax has been announced Southampton University’s new Chancellor

The American comedian will start from 1st May 2019

Revealed: Here is all the evidence to suspect your new SU President broke campaign rules but avoided disqualification

SU Prez candidate Henry Hill was disqualified hours before voting closed, now claims have been made that election winner Emily Harrison also broke by-laws but did not face disqualification

Royal Navy bomb disposal services handle ‘unidentified object’ found on Highfield Campus

Students have been evacuated from the surrounding building

Nine ways to avoid people in Southampton Uni

A guide to an awkward-free life

Police call on 13 students pictured to help with the rape investigation of an 18-year-old woman

The incident happened two months ago, near Wessex Lane halls

Soton VC’s pay will remain at £423,000 despite 91 per cent of students voting for it to be cut

The Vice-Chancellors salary has increased 116 per cent since 2006 despite the average staff pay increasing by 30 per cent

Everything you need to know before renting a student house in Soton

How to get a banging house for your buck

21 things you should never do in Hartley Library

On behalf of all Soton students, don’t be this person

Soton lecturer arrested on suspicion of keeping a Polish builder as a ‘slave’ in garden shed for four years

The man allegedly had no flushing toilet and was forced to work for food

Eleven things you’ll undeniably relate to if you lived in Chamberlain halls

Undoubtedly the hardest halls to order takeaway to

A University of Southampton student has taken his own life

He was found in his student home by his father

What’s the best street to live on in Southampton?

Portswood or Highfield? That is the question

Every type of person you’ll meet in second year

If you haven’t met one of them, it’s probably you

Every type of person you’ll meet in halls

If you haven’t met one of them, its probably you

Which VK flavour is your Soton halls?

If in doubt: go blue

We interviewed the guy that started the strike compensation petition

What is the reasoning behind the petition?

A student has a launched a petition for £300 compensation for loss of contact hours during the strikes

Sign this petition to get your money back!

Everything you’ll experience if you have Tinder in Southampton

To swipe right or to swipe left? That is the question

Love Island comes to Southampton

Tomorrow one of the latest Islanders graces our presence

Jo Johnson promises students that uni bosses pay will be ‘under control’

Universities Minister pledges regulations in the new year to stop excessive salaries

Which restaurant on Deliveroo is your course?

Are you a Pizza Hut or a Dominos?

The ultimate question: should you get with your flatmate?

The great debate continues

Do you really need to be part of a society to get the full uni experience?

Are you really missing out on anything other than sports stash and an Oceana societies card?