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It’s time to stop hating on Christmas

Embrace your inner ho ho ho

First thing first, this is not aimed at people who don't celebrate Christmas for religious or cultural reasons – i.e. valid reasons. Oh no, no, no… this is aimed at the mood-killing, fun-sponges that really take pride in ruining everyone else's holiday cheer.

Identifying these Debbie Downers is easy, simple listen out for phrases such as: "Buying presents just because it's Christmas is so superficial" and "Christmas songs are the worst".

If you know you've said any of the above (or similar) recently, you need to read on about why Christmas is the actual best.

No Uni

Errr HELLO! You have a break! Making your way to campus in the bitter cold will not be on the weekly agenda. Most students get the chance to reap all their home comforts plus think about all those extra Christmas treats.

Forget freezing your butt off in the Sobar smoking area, you can now sip hot chocolate in front of your telly – all cosy and warm, while watching your favourite show. Heaven.

Christmas TV and films

Speaking of your favourite shows, only a Grinch fails to appreciate a good Xmas movie. Whatever the genre, Christmas films bring a sense of nostalgia like an old, warm embrace. Some are even worthy of genuine belly-ache laughs (In case you didn't know, I'm talking about Elf here).

Don't hate, appreciate the sappy romcoms that bless our screens. My personal favourite is The Holiday how could you not be won over by Jude Law's angel face? Love Actuallya film so sweet it's beautifully sickly – cannot go without a mention either.

PLUS, iconic TV shows always amp up the drama during the festive season. Even the footy on Boxing Day is special occasion. Whether you like sport or not, you find yourself gathered around the TV in anticipation with (most of) the family.

Christmas decorations

They are fun and you know it. Let's start with the Advent Calendar…those little chocolates are the ultimate way to start your day. Plus, they're not expensive and bring almost a whole month of joy. Consuming the whole thing in one sitting is always a viable option too.

There's also no denying that Christmas lights are mesmerising. Plus, theres nothing quite like pissing your neighbour off by displaying better lights than them. Admittedly, most students don't care to decorate their crumbling home but we make up for it with the fairy lights in our rooms.

Let's not forget the Christmas tree! It's the perfect way to express yourself. You can spend your time psycho-analysing other people based on their tree decorations as well. For example, colourful tinsel and flashing lights obviously means you're extra af and don't care who knows it.

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The Vibes

You have to admit, walking down the street in any city centre is 10 times more lit – in every sense.

Donations to non-profits and random acts of kindness are generally more common this time of year. Strangers seem uncharacteristically cheerful and charitable, always here to help cause -what the hell – its Christmas!

Also, giving jokes Secret Santa gifts are another reason to revel in festive generosity. That friend who can't get laid would LOVE a "grow your own girlfriend/boyfriend" kit or blow-up sex doll, trust me.

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It's another excuse to get pissed

'Tis the season for Christmas parties, dinners and family gatherings so everyone is entitled to get completely and utterly trolleyed.

Anyone who judges you can easily be branded a Grinch and you can go on your merry way.

Living down embarrassing drunken moments at family gatherings might be a little harder but what better way to bond then completely debasing yourself in front of your nan? Chances are she'll outdrink you anyway, and it makes games like Cards Against Humanity and charades way more entertaining.

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The John Lewis Christmas Advert

Need I say more, oh but I will. Watching this annual tear-jerker is the best way to get into the festive spirit. The cynic may argue that it's an effective marketing scheme that promotes our consumerism, but most people will agree the ads tug on your heart strings until you want to give your mum/dad/sibling/dog a big hug and maybe a gift as well.

I hope this article has been enough to change any cynical mind, reminding you of all the festive cheer Christmas brings. And, if it hasn't, just remember, you can keep your opinions to yourself. There is no need to bring other people's happiness down just because you are feeling grumpy. Anyway, just look what happened to Scrooge in A Christmas Carol.

Merry Christmas.