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17 things you’ll experience while being in a long distance relationship at uni

Absence makes the heart grow fonder…

It is a common misconception that going off to university spells doom for every relationship. It doesn't work for everyone, but for some couples it can make the relationship a lot stronger.

Whether your significant other goes to another university or works full-time, here are all the things you will experience whilst going long distance at university.

"Sorry I can't, my boyfriend/girlfriend is here"

"Sorry, my boyfriend is down that weekend" or "I can’t, I’m at my girlfriend’s that week" become your most frequent excuses for not being able to go out. Your significant other could tag along, but standing awkwardly in last minute fancy dress at a social where they don’t know anyone is a far cry from the romantic night in you promised them.

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Sami and Joe, Southampton and Reading

You go on way more cute dates

Whereas at home you might go out for a romantic dinner once in a blue moon, at university you end up doing something cute every time they come down for the weekend. Great for your relationship, shit for the bank balance. Day at the beach? Sounds amazing. Pricey cocktail bar? Fuck it, we don’t see each other very often. It’s what the student loan is for, right?

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Jack and Ryan, Southampton and Brighton

Your flatmates prefer them to you

Your flatmates could be giving you the silent treatment and they would still be perfectly lovely as soon as your partner shows up. That’s because your partner always does the washing up and might occasionally let them borrow their Amazon Prime.

It costs you a lot of money

All your money now goes on trains, petrol or takeaways, because you really can't be arsed to waste time cooking when your partner is only there for 48 hours.

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Ceal and Ben, Ascot and Southampton

The pure fury when they slag off your favourite club

After going on and on about how much you and your mates love this club, when your boyfriend/girlfriend finally gets to go there, they will undoubtedly slag it off, complaining about the sticky floors, the prices of drinks or the shit music. In fact, they’ll find just about anything to complain about your favourite club, but deep down they’re having the best time – they just love winding you up.

Airing each other frequently

Uni is a busy place and it isn’t unusual to leave your phone for hours in another room. Initially this might cause issues, but eventually your partner will understand what your long silences mean – if they don’t hear from you after 8pm, it’s probably because you’ve gone out on the lash.

Calling them at awkward times of day

Sometimes, you’re so busy that all you can fit in is a quick chat on your way to the library. Always awkward when they miss the call and try to ring you back when you’ve already reached the library and are snowed under in work. Sorry mate, you missed your window.

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Jade and Dylan, Southampton and Bournemouth

If they’re at uni too, you get a whole other group of mates

Their mates become your mates and you end up looking forward to seeing them almost as much as seeing your boyfriend/girlfriend.

Struggling to line up your busy schedules

A birthday party here, a social there, a visit to your mate's uni, a netball match…your weekends book up pretty quickly at university and so do your partner’s, sometimes meaning that you end up having to go six weeks without seeing each other. Guess there’s always FaceTime…

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Morwenna and Matt, Southampton and Cornwall

Arguments over who goes to the better university

Yeah, yours might be higher up the league tables but at least mine doesn't have shite nightlife xo.

People living with their partners at university is a very weird concept to you

What, like, you see your partner…every day?!?

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Grace and James, Southampton and the Navy

Pleading poverty

If your significant other is in full-time work and you're struggling as a poor student, you might end up getting treated to a few romantic meals or drinks on a night out. It's okay, you'll repay the favour once you're a full timer – just add it to the huge amount of debt you already have.

Experiencing single life (without getting with people, obvs)

Much as you love and miss your partner, being away from them at University is a great chance to work on yourself and meet new people. You end up becoming a lot closer with your mates, trying new things and doing stuff for yourself. Your relationship will often get healthier and you have sooo much more to talk about when you do eventually see each other.

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Beth and Phil, Southampton and Oxford

Struggling to sleep with your partner in the bed

You get so used to star-fishing by yourself that sleeping alongside someone else becomes difficult. Especially if you’ve only got a single bed…top and tail?

Calling them late at night stressing about deadlines

"Sorry, which essay are you stressing about this time…?"

Getting aggy at your mates when they complain about not seeing their boyfriend/girlfriend for a few days


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Robin and Ruby, Barcelona and Madrid

The sex is great

Absence makes the heart grown fonder…and some other things, too. One thing is for sure, all your housemates will know when your partner is down.