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Here are the top ten most underrated societies you should definitely join in your first year

You won’t regret it


It is a widespread misjudgement that the best university societies basically consist of high-commitment sports teams with "drink or die" socials every Wednesday.

Though you might be sold by the idea that you will find "friends for life" whilst downing a drink from someone else's sweaty shoe in some dirty second-year flat, this is definitely not everyone's idea of fun.

We've compiled a list of the top ten most underrated societies, which are low commitment, super chilled and super fun to join.

Cake Decorating Society

As the name suggests, these guys simply meet up weekly to decorate cupcakes. For just £2 a session, you can decorate two cakes which you can then take home and eat – perfect for when your student budget only allows for beans on toast and a KitKat.

They also all meet up for the final of the Great British Bake-Off, which is perhaps the cutest social idea I have ever heard of.

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Uni can be difficult sometimes and it can be hard to deal with the stress of living with new people or being away from home. Yoga is an amazing way to relieve your stress and take some time out to relax your body.

Learn breathing exercises and sequences of movement that will help you deal with the stress of upcoming exams or that flatmate that keeps getting on your nerves. Most of all, find a weekly hobby which is incredible for your mind and body.


Out of all the performing arts societies, this one probably has the least commitment and is mostly just about having a laugh with your mates.

They run workshops each week from 7-9pm, with stand-up on a Wednesday and improv on a Thursday. There's always an opportunity to perform too, with monthly stand-up sessions in the Hobbit and regular improv performances.

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Love singing? Brush up on those karaoke skills with the opera society! Sing in a chorus once a week or take the brave step of auditioning for a lead singing role in one of their annual shows. Expect lots of drunk singing and dancing at their weekly socials, too.

Guild of Change Ringers

This one-of-a-kind society provides you with all the necessary training in bell-ringing, with weekly sessions in a local tower. They also have a Freshers' tour and a Spring tour, where you go away to Devon to test out your bell-ringing skills.

At the end of the year, the society hosts a ball with all the alumni from years gone by, so this is clearly a society with a great community and long history!

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Magician's Society

Another low-commitment society, perfect if you are into magic or would like to learn some new tricks. They've also been known to have some inventive card-trick drinking games: such as going around in a circle and having to perform a trick to everyone – the first person to run out of trick ideas, drinks!

Fashion Society

This society has regular photoshoots, which you can play a role in as a stylist, make-up artist or model. They also do a yearly trip to London fashion week, which is really quite cool.

Tea Society

Tea-lovers rejoice, as Southampton actually has a society dedicated to the golden drink. Join them for twice-weekly meetings, where they simply have a cuppa and chat about life.

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If you're into photography, this is the society for you! You could find yourself being the official photographer for university events such as annual society balls.

They have some super fun socials too, such as the disposable camera social, where you have sets of clues to take pictures of, follow a route and end up in a club!

Cocktail Society

This is a brand new society this year and it has already been SO popular! For a small membership fee, you can get ten per cent off of drinks in the student union; doubles for the price of singles in several bars and clubs; and reduced entry to their regular cocktail making master-classes.

They also have a 'boob and cocktail quiz' social coming up, joined with the boob society. Boobs and cocktails, what more could you want?!

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