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The pros, cons and struggles of going home for the weekend during Uni

It’s just a bruise on my neck, Dad

Whether you have to sell your organs on the black market to get a train ticket home for the weekend, drive home or have a family member to pick you up, going home for the weekend has its pros, cons and struggles.

Things to remember before you go home

Remember to cover up all of your love bites if you have any, unless you want to get absolutely ripped by your brother/have your Nan ask what on earth is on your neck/basically reveal to your 'rents that you're shagging and have them ask 138419 questions about who it is.

Make sure you don't bring any illicit items home with you, you're not in Uni now. Fags, drugs or drug paraphernalia and saucy items (and I'm not talking about condiments) most likely won't be appreciated at home like they are in uni.

If you haven't been to many lectures, gather a few inquisitive thoughts to share with your family before they quiz you about the course that they're forking out for you to be on, "Yeah I bloody love the X module", "I wrote a really interesting essay on X last week", because let's face it in reality all you've done is flick through Blackboard because you spend your life perpetually hungover, on Netflix or in lectures not really paying attention.

Arriving at home

It's exciting, especially if you have a beloved pet. As you get closer to your house you will be absolutely wetting yourself with excitement, seconds away from seeing the love of ya life – your cat/dog/budgee. You might (definitely) get emotional, and flood your Snapchat story with them, as you try to re-establish the bond that you broke with your pet/s when you decided to go to University.

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Love u son <3

A few pros

Going home is a prime opportunity to slag off your house/flat mates because you can't do that when you live in a confined space with them, so go wild, have a good rant about the person who smashed your fav Disney mug/grew mould in the sink/moaned at you for having sex loudly (no pun) when they have a 9am the next day.

Being at home is also a prime opportunity to fit in a good 'ol sesh with your school mates, and this is fantastic simply because these people won't bring up the fact that you never wash the Ikea cutlery that you for sometimes steal off them or that it's your turn to buy the milk – ideal.

You will realise how beautiful/shit/beautifully shit where you live is. You may feel incredibly nostalgic or patriotic, and again you will end up Snapchatting the best bits of home so your uni mates can feel like they went with you.

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Much hobbit

You won't just raid the fridge, you will make sweet love to it. Lurpak? Tropicana that one of my housemates hasn't touched? Big fuck off selection of crisps? Beef lounging in the fridge ready for the Sunday roast? Pinch me!

Maybe you will be lucky enough that your family will take you out for food, and you will demolish it like Eleven at the start of Stranger Things with that burger and that is absolutely valid in my books because we're all eating micro meals and stir-frys.

If you have a BF/GF at home this is also the time that you try to fit in as much bonding time (shagging) or activities (shagging) as possible, you have probably (?) missed them a lot, so enjoy ya time with them, it will go incredibly quick because you will be back to Skyping and crying in the corner on a night out over them before you know it.

The cons

Whilst you're at home you will get absolute FOMO and your mates will probably conduct the best sesh that has ever happened/someone will get official with their bae/someone will eat your £4 frozen pizza and WWIII will erupt.

Additionally, you might just reconstruct that bond with your dog that you broke, and find it hard to go back to Uni or maybe you're worried that you'll miss your fam, but that's ok, because back at uni the cheap drinks/daily bants/absolute weirdness of it all will help to distract you.