How to survive freshers flu

All the Vitamin C in the world can’t save you

What is it?

Ask anyone and they’ll tell you that freshers was one of the must fun and exciting times of their life. Although it isn’t all fun and games… the endless drinking and socialising comes at a heavy price. Around a week or two into freshers you’ll notice a bit of a sore throat and a runny nose. Initially you’ll blame a simple cold and carry on partying. Be warned that this is not a cold, but deadly freshers flu.

I feel a virus in the air tonight

Freshers flu is completely unavoidable – all the Vitamin C supplements in the world couldn’t save you from this one I’m afraid. Unlike any regular flu, this is the result of countless different flu’s countrywide uniting together inside the uni bubble. Here some kind of mega flu is born – it’s sole purpose being to ruin the remainder of freshers for you.

So, how do I survive it?

Firstly, you must accept your fate. It’s possible you may not survive this. Pray for mercy, make a sacrifice to the gods, do whatever you have to do. Secondly, build yourself a decent collection of painkillers: Paracetamol, ibuprofen, Lemsips are your absolute best friends in this trying time. In regards to food, soup will be your life blood; delicious, nutritious and minimal effort to make.

You’ll need all these and more

Ideally you’ll plan ahead and grab these resources before the flu hits. Crawling to Sainsbury’s for supplies when you’re inches from death is not a fun experience. Thirdly, you’ll have to put yourself on a strict clubbing ban if you want to recover – a near impossible ask I know. Just think about how great that jesticle will taste knowing that you’ve defeated freshers flu once and for all (well until next year at least). In the meantime, find yourself a good series on Netflix and binge watch through the pain.

But should I go to lectures?

You have two choices here; either trudge to lectures feeling horrendous and looking like Gollum put on a few pounds, or stay in bed and rest up (this is my personal preference).

Rest is important when you’re this close to death

It is annoying to have to miss lectures so early in the term, but at this point you may not even be able to hear your lecturer over the myriad of coughing and sneezing anyway. Just get a less ill (or more dedicated) course buddy to send you their notes and you’re all good.