The beach bum’s holiday beauty guide

The Tab’s top tips for staying #FLAWLESS in the heat

After spending the past year wrapped up in layers of coats and scarves, it is finally time for us lucky ones to grab our passports and take a break from the horrendous English weather. Goodbye rain, hello glorious sunshine. The sun isn’t always the biggest beauty fan, so we’ve collected the best beauty and fashion tips to keep you looking your best this summer.

Coconut oil

It’s not just for cooking! Coconut oil is a miracle worker for the sun lovers who want to get a quick tan. Preferably apply sun cream 20 minutes or so before you rub the coconut oil on to avoid burning and any long term damage to your skin.


There’s no doubt eyebrows are the ‘new thing’ with makeup. 40 degree heat and sweaty skin are out to destroy your eyebrow game. For oily skin, wipe your face with a tissue and simply apply your eyebrow pencil before foundation to avoid the product moving out of place. It happens, trust me.



Shades will become your new best friend. Cramming so many memorable moments into a short 7 day holiday usually results in an overlaps of a day trip and extreme hangovers. A large pair of “I’m struggling with this hangover” sunglasses will help with the issue of ultra-bright sunlight getting in the way of your self-pity while you tell yourself you won’t be finishing another bottle of tequila tonight.


Best beauty trick EVER! It’s difficult trying to be glam and survive the summer -especially when you try to make your makeup last for almost 10 hours. Make yesterday’s eyeliner today’s smoky eye by helping your makeup stay in place with a bit of hairspray, preferably hold your breath when using this trick (inhaling a large amount of hairspray isn’t exactly good for you) and make sure to close your eyes.



Statement pieces

In the summer it’s way too hot to be putting hours of effort into an outfit which will only make you feel sticky sweaty during the humid nights.

An easy way to spice up a simple crop top and shorts outfit is with a statement piece; stylish options can vary from strappy lace up sandals to simply stacking different length necklaces to create an effortless bohemian vibe.