Is ‘Vegan’ just a fashion trend?

We asked a meat-eater rugby lad who lives on a farm

I think we’ve all noticed that Vegans are taking over. Let’s face it, the ‘gluten free’ trend was soo last year, and now we’ve all got to think of something new, cool, ALTERNATIVE…like New Balance soon got kicked out of the court by Mr Stan Smith with all those amaaazing colour variations of those predominantly white P.E plimsolls…

I’m not saying that Veganism is as stupid as over-priced trainers. No, what I’m getting at here is that, in the same way idiots don’t know why they wasted their money on Adidas, some vegans have no bloody idea what they are ranting about.


Uni student Andy Wright lives on a farm in Cornwall, and was delighted to share his views:

Hi Andy, do you know anyone who is vegan?

Yeh, I know one guy who is vegan, well I mean he’s semi-vegan, semi-not.

What do you mean by semi-vegan?

It can be swayed from time to time as to whether to follow his ‘veganism’.

How would you describe the appearance of someone who is Vegan?

Err, what do you call it? That’s right, the dreadlocks. The hippy- look I suppose.


Why do you think more and more young adults are becoming vegan?

Some people really don’t have the right reasons for being a vegan. They say it’s because of animal rights and welfare and how animals aren’t treated fairly and how meat production takes away cropland and we’re over-populating…well if you get your meat from a local farmer (like myself) its a sustainable source. These animals live a healthy life, meat is good for you, you’re supposed to eat meat, we have got canines as teeth, it’s how we’re developed. We have always eaten meat in our lives, and a good balanced diet includes protein – the NATURAL source of protein, not the rubbish.

What about dairy? 

We’ve all been breast-fed drinking milk because it’s good for us, full of calcium, so why don’t we carry on drinking milk? I understand it’s less socially acceptable to drink from a woman’s breast when you’re in your 20s, but we still want to enjoy its qualities! Milk makes you big and strong (*flexes his muscles*) so why can’t we carry on growing? I don’t understand why vegans wont at least drink milk or eat butter. Cows enjoy getting milked! Its a well-known fact that dairy cows absolutely LOVE being milked.

But what about factory farming? 

Nobody wants animals to be harmed. I’m against factory farms. But what people don’t realise is the animals from a butcher’s have had a great life and a fantastic time. That’s why I think there’s no reason really to be a vegan.

Has it become a fashion trend?

When you speak to a vegan, the first thing they say to you is that they’re a vegan, so I think these people are definitely trying to make a statement, yes, rather than doing it for proper reasons. And the irony is that these people are wanting to be individual, but now everyone’s doing it, so they’d better think of something different to do. Maybe people should start eating ridiculous amounts of meat!

You see on Facebook people joking about how “nobody’s a vegan unless they say it in the first line”. People want to be different nowadays, but sometimes don’t have a good reason. Vegans don’t really know where all meat is coming from so how can they claim that the animals have a poor quality of life?

Do you think if you turn Vegan, you’re automatically seen as ‘cool’?

Well it depends who your friends are. If you’re friends with people into that sort of thing then yes. If you’re friends with me then no.


What would be a valid reason for being Vegan?

For religious reasons, or the belief that it’s just not necessary to kill animals to get the same nutrients. But there’s no better substitute for protein than meat. Nobody wants that Quorn mix crap.

Would you ever change your views?

For someone to stop me from eating a steak for the rest of my life…..nah, unless I get an allergy. I’m not joining the band wagon.

I don’t think I’ll bother asking him about his shoe preference…