Body discovered in a parked car in Portswood

Police are still investigating how he died

A man’s body has been found inside a car near the industrial estate in Portswood.

Police closed off the area in which the car was discovered at around 3:30pm this afternoon. It was discovered at the junction of Belgrave Rd and Kent Rd, near The Talking Heads pub.

belgrave road

There have been multiple police officers investigating on the scene throughout the afternoon.

A student living on Portswood Rd, just metres from the discovery told the Tab there had been no police presence on Portswood Rd itself, and they “hadn’t seen a thing” of the investigation, which was contained to the immediate area.

Local resident Alec McDyer, an eyewitness, told the Daily Echo: “I just walked from under the bridge and the police said it is cordoned off – they didn’t tell me why just that I have got to walk round.

“They have taped off about the first 50 yards of Belgrave Road and there is a few police officers, about four or five.”