Team wins over £1K in pub quiz in six weeks

A group of Southampton students has won over one thousand pound’s worth of pub quiz winnings at the Bridge Quiz and Curry night in just six weeks. Team ‘We Cum […]

A group of Southampton students has won over one thousand pound’s worth of pub quiz winnings at the Bridge Quiz and Curry night in just six weeks.


The dedicated team members

Team ‘We Cum Tit Village’, made up mainly of Mixed Lacrosse players, has won the quiz five times since February, and never come lower than fourth place since the start of the year.

While the team varies from week to week, Leigh Moody, Ollie Burdett, Andy Mckeown, Matt McKinnell, Ed Rainford and Alex Bees are dedicated members who have been there for every win.

With an average jackpot of £200, their five victories have now seen each team member pocket around £100.

Even though they’ve been frequent participants since the start of the year and not once come below fourth place, the boys have recently been on a winning streak.


Matt McKinnell, Fourth Year Modern Languages student, told us how they’ve mastered it. He said:

We have a broad range of knowledge between us, godlike wisdom. Our tactic is winning, second place is losing to us.

We’ve improved by playing properly and drinking more. We dropped the dunces and brought in specialty players when needed for the wild card round.

Inevitably, some have suspected them of cheating. One participant on another team told the Soton Tab they have suspicions:

I guess they’re either really good, or really good at Googling since they always sit in the far corner.

But fortunately, Oli Coles, who runs and conducts the Quiz and Curry, reassures us that their victories are genuine. He said:

I’ve watched them the last couple of weeks as they take part, and it seems that each member of the team is responsible for a different area of trivia.

I know a couple of them outside of the quiz and they’re always telling me how they revise the news each week, and test each other on quiz apps during away trips to matches. I suppose the dedication is paying off!

Oli also told us that each week is a close call, with only around three of four points between the top three teams, meaning that ‘We Cum Tit Village’ aren’t simply running away with it every time.

Ben Franklin, newly-elected Union President for next year and keen participant in the Quiz and Curry nights, thinks it’s a sign that everyone needs to up their game. He told us:

I guess the rest of us will have to step up our game, swot up and go for the crown next term!


Similarly, Fraser Bowen, a Fourth Year Modern Languages student and avid quiz-goer, has no bitter feelings:

Hats off to them! I love that there’s drama in the quiz and curry world.

‘We Cum Tit Village’ assure us that they do their best to win with grace and respect the other participants. Matt added:

We make a big effort to make all teams feel welcome. We actively encourage them to try and beat us, and we always ensure we congratulate everyone on their way out.

Indeed, in spite of their ongoing success, the boys don’t take themselves too seriously, using catchphrases such as: “for us it’s just banter” and “we’re a quiz team with a lacrosse problem”.

Team member Leigh Moody even admitted that he’s far from a quiz enthusiast, stating:

I don’t even like quizzes, I just like winning.

What do you think of this quiz victory? Can this team keep raking in the winnings? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.