The Soton Tab SUSU Election Campaign Awards

Another year has passed, another set of SUSU Elections is coming to a close, and it has been an interesting year. We’ve had everything from Anacondas to Romans, as well […]

Another year has passed, another set of SUSU Elections is coming to a close, and it has been an interesting year. We’ve had everything from Anacondas to Romans, as well as the necessary sprinkling of controversy.

With the results of the 2015 SUSU Elections being announced on Friday at Elections Night Live, we at the Soton Tab have been reliving the best, and worst parts of people’s campaigns.

What better way to celebrate this year’s SUSU Elections than with the most prestigious of ceremonies:

The Soton Tab SUSU Election Campaign Awards

Starting us off, with one of the most hotly contested categories, is THE AWARD FOR BEST CAMPAIGN POSTER.

Every year campaign posters are one of the most amusing ways of promoting your campaign, and this year is no exception. So without further adieu…

In third place we have Christina Vinothan, who is running for Union Films Cinema Manager with this clever, Aladdin inspired piece of photoshop.


In second place is another candidate running for Union Films Cinema Manager. All that filmic creativity must have rubbed off! This one goes to Alexander Howard for his Guardians of the Galaxy themed poster. But will he be the Star Lord of Union Films?


Taking first place for the award of best poster just has to go Jenny Bortoluzzi for her revolution inducing ‘MockingJen’ poster. However, we will have to wait and see if she can defeat President Snow to become our next VP Engagement.


Also, special mention goes to Frazer Delves for his expert use of Microsoft Paint. Does anyone else want a bite of that ice-cream?


The second award on our list is for BEST CAMPAIGN VIDEO.

The runner up for this award would most likely have won on any other year. Hannah Talbot’s clever version of MC Hammer’s ‘Can’t Touch This’ would surely ‘engage’ even the most uninterested of students.

However, the first place for this award was a bit of a no brainer when you have challenge accepting legend such as Benjamin Franklin running for President. Watch out, Ben- Nicki Minaj might sue for this rendition ‘Anaconda’.


In third place is Jamie Wilson, with his tennis themed surname coming in handy with picking a slogan. Will he be winning game set and match on Friday for VP Sports Development?


Not quite making the top spot is Trini Philip, who is running for Student Groups Officer. Come on guys, don’t be a meanie, vote for Trini!


Receiving the number one award for best slogan goes to the Legen…wait for it… Kerry Sclater. Barney would be proud Kerry! I’m sure you’d get his vote, but will she get yours?


The next award is for MOST AWKWARD POSE

There must be something about politics that makes it impossible to take a natural looking photo. Don’t worry Ed Miliband, you’re not alone.

This award goes to the one and only candidate for RAG Officer, Kieran Reals, and his Christ like stance. I guess Jesus was pretty charitable as well.


The last award on our list is for CRINGIEST PUN. 

This award goes to our other Presidential candidate, Sebastian Vogelpoel, and his SUIT-ably punny poster.


A late entry for the Awards goes to Chris McGeehan for CUTEST CAMPAIGN. If only dogs could vote aye Chris!


So that is it. We were going to do an award for ‘BEST MANIFESTO’ but who the fuck reads them?!

We hope you have enjoyed this year’s Soton Tab SUSU Election Campaign Awards! Also, don’t forget to vote for who you want to run your Students Union. Let us know if you agree with our award decisions in the comments below.