Men with Muns: Should they BUN DAT?

A new craze has hit campus as men with ‘muns’ strut about in full force. Also known as a man bun or top knot, the new up-do has riled up a vast […]

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A new craze has hit campus as men with ‘muns’ strut about in full force. Also known as a man bun or top knot, the new up-do has riled up a vast spectrum of opinion. Men everywhere are asking themselves if they should join the bun bandwagon – will these luscious locks up their chances of getting laid? Can they really pull off a Proudlock? Will they need to buy a hairdryer? A Tangle-Teezer? Hairspray? We papped a few of Soton Uni’s finest ‘muns’ and posed the questions on everyones lips…

Is there only one type of ‘mun’?

In a word, no – the possibilities are endless. Some guys choose to go the whole hog and rock what I can only call the ‘Tarzan‘, endeavouring to grow a lavish abundance of hair all over, before whipping it all up into one big-ass bun. Others choose the ‘Wannabe Hipster‘ braving increasingly short undercuts for a half-head affair – (cartilage ear piercings are a must with this one.) Then there’s the ‘mohawk-turned-mun’, consisting of a landing strip of hair tied back into a puny lack-lustre bun – let’s face it guys, you can’t get a voluminous bun with a few shitty strands of hair…

man bun

Here we can see Henry and David’s fine examples of the ‘Tarzan’. Aww, man-bun buddies, look at the sheer joy on their faces.

man bun

These guys are living proof that you can rock a man bun with or without facial hair, so for those of you who grow savagely disappointing uneven beards, it’s all good!

What makes a good man-bun?

Volume, lots of volume! Some of you have F.O.M.O. (fear of missing out) and desperately try to get involved with the hype, but scraping your hair back in a tragic, spiky paint-brush hairdo is not hot. A little puny tuft isn’t going to get our knickers trembling. We appreciate the sexy bed-head look as long as you’ve got your Batiste dry shampoo to hand.

Andy McKeown, fourth year languages student agrees:

I’m not a fan too be honest, think it makes you look like a bit of a nob, but I guess it can be alright if you can pull it off without your hair looking too greasy.


Fergus, second year Zoology student. We appreciate his delightfully even beard/tash combo…


…but we are left wanting to chop off this tiny tuft with a pair of scissors.

Is it edgy and arty or do you just look like a tit?

Fergus, pictured above, happy as a lark with his teeny tiny man-bun, shared his opinion with us.

 You look like a dickhead, but it’s fun!

It has to be said, if you’ve got a savvy fashion sense, are confident and are committed to brushing out the pesky knots in those locks, it can look pretty darn cool. Hipsters rejoice.


Sammy, first year Politics, Philosophy and Economics Student. We love that acid-wash denim jacket and casually slung-up top knot!


Do I spy a cartilage piercing? Sammy’s taking the game to the next level with a choppy man fringe.


Does it up your sex appeal?

Good looking guys can stand out from the crowd if they sport an excellent man bun. Perhaps because SO MANY man buns are terrible, we give the guys that get it right extra credit, we may even want to fondle them…naked.

Yet we do not anticipate choking hazards ABOVE the waist. One particular individual who wishes to remain anonymous told us of her unexpected mouthful during sex…

Man buns are fine until you take them down, meaning there’s a long bit of hair at the front of your head which the young lady below you can swallow/choke on while you’re…moving. I could taste the wax. I thought I was going to die – spitting out hair really doesn’t elevate the mood.

We gathered some opinions from the ladies…

Lucy, fourth year student, thinks man buns can be hot, but only under certain circumstances:

They’re only fit… if you’re Swedish and a model.

Meanwhile, fourth years Sophie Phipps and Olivia Dand expressed their sheer discontent at the new-found competition to look better than the guys:

I hate it when guys have better buns than me.

Same as Soph, wouldn’t fancy a guy whose bun was better than mine!

Jessica Whatson put it quite bluntly, stating

It looks like a dog turd on top of their head.

Most of the guys we asked were equally as unimpressed. Sebastien, fourth year languages student, said:

They’re a travesty, but I’m definitely not bitter. I just don’t think I’m destined for high fashion. Being 14 and grungy taught me it just isn’t a good look. Fortunately I make up for it in biceps and cheekbones.


Chris, 1st year student – one of the better buns we pictured!


I’m a little disconcerted by those exceptionally sculpted cheekbones… surely he hasn’t contoured those on?




Alex Waltham, 3rd year Geography student. Papped in the library.


Alex gave us some insight to the ‘mun’ lifestyle:

I think a man bun best suits someone when they have facial hair. I grew one because I just fancied a change from my old haircut. I haven’t really changed any of my hair products since, in fact I spend less money on my hair because I don’t get it cut as often. I wouldn’t say I get laid more, however I do get a lot more people complimenting me on my hair. I feel like a lot of people think this bun thing is people trying to make a statement.

curtains man bun

Alex shows us how unsexy the ‘mun’ is when it’s unleashed… curtain city indeed!

It seems that here in Soton, most of us are mun haters. According to Marcus, “all guys with man buns look like those twins out of the rugrats”, so why do so many guys still love wearing them?

Perhaps, they just like the plethora of hairstyles that are now available to them. Any day now a man-bun wearer is going to go the extra mile and do a Miley Cyrus double top-knot. We eagerly await that day.

What are your opinions on the man-bun? Tell us in the comments below!