HUGE Student Development Given the Go-ahead

More student accomodation has been given the go-ahead but unsurprisingly, the locals are up in arms.

In a great move for student housing in Southampton, developers have been granted the keys to a derelict site near Orions Point.

The British Gas office block is to be demolished and a new apartment block built in its place. Southampton is already bursting at the seams with students and many are being forced into grotesque hovels due to a shortage in housing.

By creating such a huge number of flats and apartments in a location suited to both Solent and Southampton students there won’t be as many forced into dodgy private rented housing. And such close proximity to the hospital can only be a good thing for drunken injuries.

It will also increase the number of supermarkets within a city to unprecedented heights, with the bottom of the tower earmarked to be sold as a supermarket space. Unsurprisingly this hasn’t been derided as much, seems that shops aren’t as bad a prospect as students.

The plan has been met with anger by many Southampton residents claiming it will turn the area into a ‘student ghetto’, with bad behavior, drunkenness and drugs. However the Daily Echo’s comment section unusually reveals some pro-student viewpoints, with many pointing out that purpose built student housing will free up homes for local families.

It is hoped that this will aid the latest SUSU initiative to improve student housing.