An Interview With My 'Slutty' Friend

Why is it still taboo for girls to sleep around?

We all have one: that friend who has slept with far too many people for her mental health and goes through men faster than I can down jesticles. She’s the person who you don’t bother looking for when you leave the nightclub cause no doubt she’s in someone’s bed already. What motivates this person? What really drives them to do it? I decided to interview my ‘slutty friend’ anonymously under the alias of ‘Michelle’ and then share it to try and get some perspective.

Alice: First things first… why do you do it?

Michelle: I guess it’s the thrill of being desired by men. I like arriving somewhere and not knowing where I will end up a few hours later, it’s exciting. It gives me control which I enjoy as often there is more than one guy that would take you home, I get to pick.

Alice: So you like having more than one guy chasing you?

Michelle: Yeah I do as it makes me feel powerful. It’s also flattering because I then know that I look attractive. It’s not like I need male attention to feel good about myself but when men are drawn to me. It’s an ego boost. I can always tell how good I look on a night out by how many men come onto me. It’s sad really but that is how they work.

Alice: You have just touched on something there; do you think girls that sleep around do it because they have no self-esteem?

Michelle:  No I don’t think all girls do it because they have low self-esteem and I think that it would be unfair to say that. I am a very confident person, I know what I want/like and most importantly I know how to get it. I like regular sex with different men. I get bored.  Loads of people judge my behaviour but I would never intentionally hurt anyone.

Alice:  Has your behaviour hurt people in the past then?

Michelle: It’s not something I am proud of but yes it has.

Alice: Could you explain a bit more about that…?

Michelle: I have had guys I’ve slept with wanting more and been let down when they have realised that it’s not what I am offering. Since then I have tried to be more direct about my one night only intentions which most men love. I also once slept with a guy who had a girlfriend which was just awful as she rang me the next day.

Alice: Moving on…would you ever sleep with a male friend?

Michelle: I have learnt the hard way that friendships and fucking do not mix. When you end a relationship with someone (even if it’s only sexual) but then see them all the time as a friend then the lines are blurred. Your friendship will never be the same again. They might be sexy but leave them in your wank bank girls!

Alice: Do you want a boyfriend?

Michelle: Not at the moment. My last relationship was pretty serious so I am just having fun. I am at University, I’m young and I am ‘safe’ sexually. What’s the harm in that?

Alice: What piece of advice would you give to other ‘slutty’ friends?

Michelle: Be discreet so that you don’t get yourself a reputation, be honest with the men you sleep with, DON’T sleep with a guy with a girlfriend, don’t sleep with a friend, BE SAFE – always use a condom or else you will wind up explaining to your little one about your slutty phase. If you start feeling worthless or stop feeling in control then don’t do it anymore. Don’t kid yourself, sleeping with lots of men is usually not a great way to get a boyfriend. Don’t be too filthy: No filming, no spanking, no restraints those things are for the one you can trust and that isn’t the one night guy.

Phew, that was an eye-opener and I’m still not sure where I stand on the whole thing. Is it wrong to sleep with lots of men in this day and age? Probably not. Does it say something about you when you do it? I would say so. Any girl that is able to share her body with lots of men is either confident or crazy but maybe it’s all about the control?

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