Luke O’Brien peers into his crystal ball to provide us with his take for results tonight

You’ve probably seen our election predictions from a week ago. Now a week of campaigning has gone by, candidates have debated on two days and the polls are about to close. So now it is time to cast an eye over the exit polls that we and the Wessex Scene have conducted and make an educated guess on who will eventually triumph tonight

VP Sports: Probably the most boring position at the debates, but has seen a lot of competition. The WS polls show Sam Huish ahead, but I reckon it’ll be tight between Dean and Sion. But I’m not a sports expert so we’ll have to see how it goes!

VP Welfare: This race looked certain before campaigning started, Chloe probably had it in the bag. But after the debates and interesting campaigning, the race was blown wide open. Both us and the Scene put Chloe first in our polls, with Nick Johnson and Simon Eyles very closely behind. In such a tight race, second votes are bound to count. This will not be good for Chloe, who is somewhat of a divisive candidate who people will be less likely to put as their second choice. I’d say Simon has a very good chance here.

VP Student Engagement: Another tight race, with another controversial candidate in the form of Shane Murphy. He’s likely to lose out on second votes and I can see Nat winning here. If an incumbent loses, it will drastically affect the rest of their term!

VP Comms: We’ve had our say on this race, and it will be very, very tight! Again, both our results and Wessex Scene’s agree: putting David ahead. But, the fact Chloe is more of a SUSU outsider means her support won’t necessarily be reflected in these polls. Making a sheer guess here, Chloe will win it.

VP Academic: One of those races where a star candidate appears out of left field; in this case it is Oli Bills. he was very compelling at the debate and appears to have a large support base. The Wessex Scene’s poll suggests Oli as the winner, whereas Tab readers have backed the incumbent. I’d say Sasha wins, but with Oli edging out Rachel in second place.

Finally, the big one! Union President: With Sam and Simon negging each other on Twitter today, this race has really hotted up! Both candidates have campaigned hard, with Sam’s face plastered on posters across campus. This race will turn out like the General Election: Three candidates, with RON playing the Lib Dems, split pretty evenly. Second votes will be paramount here and I can see Sam winning, but not comfortably!

Thank you, loyal readers, for visiting The Tab over this election period. Check out our liveblog, tonight from 9, where we will be covering all the action LIVE from the Cube. Expect our usual brand of “analysis” and humour to brighten up your results night.