5 TV Shows you really ought to try and catch this week.

TV treats for effective procrastination

During the revision period and beyond you like to relax. Watching TV is the perfect way to do that so we thought we’d put together a list of good things to watch that have taken place over the last week!

Coppers – This Channel 4 documentary on the police service gets up close and personal with members of the police from all around the country. With all the grief aimed at students for being rowdy and anti-social this is the perfect antidote. The “warts and all” documentary paints some members of the public extremely badly and makes you sit there happily feeling smug that however bad it gets, you will never be that stupid! (Watch on 4OD)

Birdsong – After the huge success of Sherlock, the BBC are capatilising on the demand for quality Sunday Night TV with a new drama, interspersing WWI and an illicit love story. It’s more arty and different than a lot of current TV programmes but the violence shown in the war sequences plus a superbly written storyline means it’s a gripping drama I didn’t expect to enjoy as much as I did! (Watch on iPlayer)

Skins – This has dragged itself into the sixth series. With the returning cast from the last series it is clear that it’s not going anywhere soon. However as it portrays ‘youth culture’ (because obviously we all drank and did drugs to this extent when we were young) its worth keeping an eye on if you have a free forty minutes. (Watch on 4OD)

The Hotel – a fly on the wall documentary of a hotel in Torquay it is possibly the oddest and funniest documentary I’ve seen in a while. Billed as a real life Fawlty Towers it is just that. The staff are unbelievably bizarre and take the meaning of don’t worry about the camera to a whole new level. (watch on 4OD)

Take Me Out – this new take on dating sets the tone of TV back about 50 years. The girls are ridiculously shallow, not liking people for absurd reasons ranging from ‘wanting to take care of someone’ to ‘playing sport from time to time’. It is a brilliant watch if only to laugh at the desperate girls and guys who need to get over themselves!! (watch on ITV Player)

This is only the tip of the iceberg of TV but it is more then enough to allow you to have a break and still pass your exams!