Is my boyfriend cheating on me?

Jack and Jim on cheating

Q.) Jack and Jim, I have horrible feeling that my boyfriend maybe cheating on me. He never wants to go out with me, and spends all his time with his mates! What does this mean? (Jenny 1st year).

Jenny thanks for your question. This is something that we both hear regularly. Its only natural that a bloke will want to spend time with his boys and I’m sure this no sinister excuse. However what worries us slightly is that he doesn’t want to spend time with you at all or go out clubbing etc. This would suggest to me that he doesn’t want you there for some reason and we can only speculate to what that is.

Our advice would be to play it cool, don’t continually ask him where he’s been and ask to spend time with him. Instead go out a few times with the girls and don’t invite him along. If this seems to bother him then the chances are that he just needed some space. Although if this doesn’t seem to bother or entice him further it maybe that you and him are just growing apart. Jack and Jim both feel that cheating is something that should never go on! So we would not want to accuse your boyfriend of cheating. If he has any girls that he is speaking to a lot and you are hearing rumours about him don’t always assume this to be true.

Lets us know how you get on, we’re here to help out

Jack and Jim