Sheffield is the second best city for seeing the stars in the UK

Finally, you can put your sourdough down and do something else

Sheffield is the second-best city in the UK for stargazing, according to a study conducted by Parkdean Resorts.

The Steel City was only beaten by Bristol, which took the top spot.

Sheffield also won the battle of Yorkshire, with Bradford being their closest neighbours in fifth place. Leeds was ranked in 15th place.

The study ranked all 16 UK cities with populations over 300,000, assessing light pollution level, elevation and population.

Sheffield’s light pollution level was shown to be at 59.74, and its elevation was recorded as 88 metres.

These factors make stargazing a strong possibility for the city’s 584,853-strong population, many of whom are probably bored of Zoom quizzes by now.

The study proved to be crushing for London, who somewhat unsurprisingly found themselves rooted to the bottom of the ranking table. Their light pollution levels were found to be almost three times worse than Bristol’s, and higher than any other major UK city.

Sheffield is bursting at the seams with idyllic stargazing spots, and stargazing can be done without risking exposure to the virus that is still knocking about. Parkdean Resorts advise that height and clear skies are key to getting the best out of your stargazing, and also encourage research into constellations.

There is even a website, called, which generates information about when planets may be visible.

It might not be the pub trip people are after, but it’ll be a more aesthetically pleasing sight than the floors of Spoons.

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