Sheff students grabbing ‘Forgotten Students Freshers Week’ tickets crashed SU website

Getting tickets was a military operation

Following BoJo’s announcement that clubs could reopen on June 21, Uni of’s SU announced a post-covid Freshers’ Week with all your favourite club nights like Roar and Pop Tarts.

When the tickets went on sale at 10am today thousands of students rushed to get them, crashing the SU website. Here’s a rundown of everything we felt trying to our hands on tickets as rare as a lecturer actually replying to emails.

This Sheffession was posted the day the Freshers’ Week was announced – now that’s what I call manifesting.

Final years tried their best to stop freshers stealing their last ever night out.

We all knew the tickets would sell out so securing them took teamwork and preparation.

We were all there at 9:50am, straight out of bed, tabs open, fingers poised, with energy drinks for top concentration.

And when the tickets were finally released, of course the SU website crashed instantly.

Some never managed to get tickets in their basket – despite refreshing the page like a mad man. The ‘Proceed to Checkout’ button taunted you and your empty basket.

Most of us were left staring at this dreaded message wondering where it all went wrong.

But then came a slither of hope from the group chat…

It felt like it would already be June by the time the page re-loaded.

And then, after what was probably the most stressful morning you’ve had since lockdown began, if you were lucky you finally managed to secure tickets.

Ah, just like old times.

If you didn’t manage to get a ticket, please don’t bother paying £100 to some randomer on Facebook.

We can’t wait to see everyone who hasn’t been properly drunk in a year stumbling into the Foundry, throwing up in the loos and yeeting VKs. See you there!

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