Sheffield Uni to give £1 million rent refund to students for last two weeks of term

It follows an SU campaign

The University of Sheffield has agreed to refund rent for the last two weeks of term, amounting to a total of £1 million given back to students.

It means students living in university accommodation who are going home for Christmas earlier than planned due to the travel window will now not have to pay for the two weeks of term they won’t be there.

Private rent refunds will be targeted next, the Students’ Union said.

It comes as part of the Sheffield Students’ Union Forgotten Students campaign, which also demands full access to learning resources, better digital access for online teaching, including internet provision, and to let students study where they feel comfortable – whether that’s student housing or home towns.

Other demands as part of the SU campaign include academic support, financial protection, more one-to-one mental health support, and no-detriment accommodation contract cancellation.

The campaign has also enjoyed success in seeing the university set up a £3 million coronavirus relief fund. Students are encouraged to apply for any losses caused by the pandemic, including unnecessary rent and loss of part-time work.

Students who want to get involved in the Forgotten Students campaign should visit this site.

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