Over one million rats now live in Sheffield following a bumper year

Put your bins away properly, you dirtbags

Rats in Sheffield are “breeding like crazy” and the number living in the city has increased to over 1.2 million, meaning there are now 2.2 rats for every person.

It makes us the fifth most infected city in the whole of the UK, with London coming in at the top of the charts with a disgusting 20 million rats.

The grim rise has been credited to lockdown, with the diseased rodents making their nests in vacant buildings and quiet streets with poor waste practices.

“We have rolled out a program of baiting across Sheffield and we are seeing our bait being taken. Though the Council is intervening to drive down the number of rats and increase our surveillance of rat numbers we need the cooperation of everyone to tackle rat numbers,” a local councillor told The Star.

“Rats carry diseases that can be passed on to humans. This is a matter of Public Health importance. We ask that people report rats to us so we can take action, but we also ask that everyone plays their part by disposing of possible food waste appropriately and not storing soft furnishing in gardens. These simple measures should stop rats coming into your gardens, with less food we will see less rats.”

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