Swimming in Crookes Valley Park is dangerous and banned, Sheffield Council warn

It’s a Sheff student hot-spot

Sheffield Council has warned of the dangers of swimming in Crookes Valley Park and re-iterated that swimming is banned, following reports of people taking a dip throughout the hot weather.

The beauty spot is very popular with students, but the stark warnings of 30ft deep water and unknown objects under the surface mean it is not a safe place to swim.

Surprisingly cold water and a limited view of the lake from the main road, which could delay the reporting of incidents, also contribute to the danger.

A council spokesperson said: “There are many risks that mean the lake is not suitable for casual swimming.

“We do not want to give people the false impression that the lake is a safe place to swim. Signage is in place to remind people, and our staff do inform users against it, but without a continuous presence on site it is difficult to prevent people from entering the water.”

The lake takes up most of the famous park and was originally a reservoir which supplied the Steel City. Students and the public are believed to have swum in it since 2016.

“For their own safety, we advise everyone not to swim in the lake. For those who want to swim in the great outdoors take a look on The Outdoor City website for the best local spots to take a dip,” the council continued.

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