Confirmed coronavirus cases in Sheffield rise to 82

Biggest daily increase yet

Coronavirus cases in Sheffield have risen by their highest daily amount yet to 82.

Public Health England’s daily update of confirmed cases shows they rose by 21 on Sunday, having stood at 61 on Saturday. A grandad became the first to die of the virus in the city earlier this week.

Officials have ended testing in communities where people display minor symptoms, so the true figure for the city could be higher.

Sheffield’s count is now the second highest outside South East England and London, the epicentre of cases, behind Birmingham which currently has 91.

The Covid-19 pandemic is continuing to tighten its grip on Britain, with an 18-year-old becoming the youngest victim as 47 more people lost their lives to the disease today.

Currently the national death toll stands at 281, with 5,683 cases confirmed.

Sunday 22 March’s breakdown of most Covid-19 cases by location | Source: Public Health England

Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned this afternoon that those spotted flouting the Government’s social distancing advice over the weekend could soon force an enforced lockdown. Authorities are desperately trying to stem the virus’ spread before it hits levels currently seen in Italy, where more than 5,000 people have died.

Pubs, restaurants and cafes have all been shut down across the UK until further notice, with clubs, theatres and cinemas told by the government to follow suit.

All schools are also closed and A Levels and GCSEs have been cancelled. Most universities have also shut most services, with the Uni of Sheffield and Hallam moving all classes online.

Sheffield has one of the highest concentrations of Covid-19 cases outside the South East

Sheffield Uni starts Easter vacation a fortnight early this week and has closed down all campus buildings, and Hallam has shut campus except for the libraries.

Numerous signature student events across the city have been axed to the virus, including all Varsity fixtures which thousands were gearing up to attend.

Leadmill is auctioning toilet roll at factory price and memorabilia from its illustrious history in a bid to survive the club closures.

Anyone in Sheffield concerned that they have Covid-19 can visit a discreet testing centre at Sheffield Parkway. More details here.

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