10 things Sheffield students can do during self-isolation

Pls stay sane, Sheff x

Coronavirus may have closed both Sheffield universities, the libraries and sent us away from our mates early BUT we can’t give in to boredom.

If the pandemic has caused you to self-isolate, here are 10 things you can do to keep yourself entertained whilst nights on West Street seem like a distant memory.

1. Put the kettle on and have a brew (or a few)

Everyone knows that Yorkshire are partial to a brew, so why not start off your self-isolation period by putting your feet up and enjoying a cuppa – or a few. This should be easy for students to do as they are already very good at doing nothing and avoiding university work.

With this in mind, on your next Aldi shop forget about bulk buying toilet roll or pasta (there isn’t any left anyway) and instead stock up on your tea bags. And, it is hard to be picky in a pandemic but, where possible make sure you buy Yorkshire Tea because “if it isn’t from Yorkshire, it’s shit.”

2. Learn the Yorkshire ‘language’

The Northern accent is one loved by many students, but sometimes it can be hard to keep up with the Sheffield jargon. Has your Northern flat mate ever asked you to pick up some breadcakes on the way home and you’ve had no idea what they’re talking about?

If your answer is yes, isolation is a perfect opportunity for you to finally learn the basic Yorkshire dialect. Here are a few words to get you started:

Chuddy = Chewing Gum

Reyt = It’ll be alright

Nowt = Nothing

Gi O’er = Give over

3. Experiment with Hendos

Sheffield is famous for Henderson’s Relish or “Hendos” as it’s known here and we’ve been told that it gives any meal extra flavour. So, during your time of self-isolation, why not branch out and experiment.

Does it taste good on your sandwich? What about on your pasta? On ice cream? The world is your oyster and who knows, maybe you’ll create a new revolutionary dish.

4. Actually do some uni work

University work is probably not what Sheffield students want to spend their self-isolation doing but, boredom may hit.

With all face to face teaching stopped and work being moved online, it is still possible for most students to carry on with most of their assessments. Yes, it may be boring but it is another way to pass time.

5. Become TikTok famous

Ever wanted to be TikTok famous? Of course, you have. Two weeks in isolation is a great excuse to start your TikTok career, rope in the people you are isolated with (yes, maybe even your mum and dad) and it is an activity you can enjoy together!

A craze is already going around on TikTok of people making self-isolation videos and Coronavirus related content.

So, with all this time on your hands, why don’t you set up an account and try to become TikTok famous yourself.

6. Message an old friend – but NOT your ex

Self-isolation can be a lonely time for everyone especially people with mental health problems. Making sure we check up on our friends and loved ones is something we all need to be doing.

That being said, it is not a reason to message your ex; just because the country is going into crisis does not mean that you need to as well. DON’T DO IT.

7. Finally clean your uni house/halls

A deep clean of your university flat or house is strongly advised at the moment and again it’s another activity to do to pass the time.

Whether it’s time to tackle the mound of dirty washing on your bedroom floor or finally getting around to emptying the bins, these are all things you can do occupy yourself during self-isolation.

Just remember to wash your hands after!

8. Learn how to cook something other than pasta

With pasta being sold out in most shops, I think many students are worried as pasta is the only meal we can usually cook. Use your 14-day period of isolation to learn how to cook a new dish so you don’t literally starve…

You could even try baking to pass the time too. Grab that dusty cookbook off the shelf that has never been touched and learn how to cook something new.

And no, super noodles do not count.

9. Watch all those Netflix series you’ve been too busy to watch

Self-isolating gives you time to binge-watch all those series and films on Netflix you’ve been meaning to watch. Well, now you can watch and not feel bad about it! Even though Shrek 1 and 2 have been taken off (which makes us all quite sad), there are so many other series to get quickly get addicted to guilt-free.

So, grabs some snacks, put your joggers on and get ready to do nothing. Did someone say a Gavin and Stacey marathon?

10. Get a new hobby…

Have you always had a secret burning desire to learn how to juggle? Or do the splits? Have you got an old guitar lying around? Or simply a pair of spoons going spare? Why not find a new hobby or reconnect with an old one during your self-isolation? If all else fails, remember you can still try and become TikTok famous and send us your best ones!