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What happened when the Lord Mayor of Sheffield went to a student house party

He said it was a ‘privilege’ to have been invited

Sheffield’s extrovert Lord Mayor Magid Magid attended a house party on Saturday night after meeting University of Sheffield students at a club.

Student Chloe Grice and a few friends bumped into the Mayor at Sheffield’s venue West Street Live on Wednesday and invited him to their house on Saturday.

Mr Magid then marked himself ‘attending’ on the Facebook event and arrived at the bonanza in Crookesmoor at around 11.15pm. He spent half an hour socialising, taking pictures and dancing with students.

Laura Barker said: “He interacted so well with all the students. He really is a man of the people.”

It was even reported that the mayor learnt the dance moves and rapped some of the lyrics to student Tom Worsley’s upcoming music video.

Mr Magid said: “It’s important I’m in touch with the people of Sheffield and I try my best to engage with as many people as possible.

“Students play a massive role in Sheffield and make it an amazing place so it’s important they get the love they deserve.”

The Mayor, who is a former refugee from Somalia, was Sheffield’s first Green Party mayor and its youngest at 29.

He has been a source of controversy since the beginning of his term in May 2018 after concern that he doesn’t take the role seriously enough.

At his swearing in-ceremony both the Imperial March from Star Wars and the Superman theme tune were played.

He also wears colourful clothing, including baseball caps, trainers and Dr. Martens, rather than the usual Mayor attire.

After a year in the position, Mr Magid has announced that he will not seek re-election in May so that he can focus on new projects.

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Kiran Patel, a History student and one of the hosts of the party, said: “Some people may think that turning up to a student house party – associated with drinking—it could damage his reputation as a professional politician.

"At the same time, he makes an effort to meet anyone and everyone in Sheffield—even drunk students.

“He still wants to meet people he is accountable for, despite the fact that he will no longer be Mayor when his term ends, shows something about his personality and his work ethic,” he added.

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