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Broomhill Friery has had a makeover and everything is now cheaper

The gift that keeps on giving

Broomhill Friery is the gift that keeps on giving.

No matter if its a Saturday night after Pop Tarts or a Friday afternoon when your parents have come to visit, Dan Bean and co will always be there to satisfy your culinary needs.

So what better news could there be on a grey January day than the announcement that Broomhill Friery is lowering its prices this semester!

The shop has a fresh new look with an updated menu and clearer veggie options, for all of you struggling through Veganuary.

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Loyalty cards will now be on offer for particularly devoted students, so remember to post your chips and gravy on Instagram to get in their good books!

Alongside the rewards scheme, they have implemented some new deals to please your budgets, including a '5 for the price of 4' offer on fish and chips for student houses.

When asked why Broomhill Friery has gone against the grain and lowered its prices, Bean commented: "We just want to offer students great value for money and good portion sizes, so they are happy."

So, on that uplifting note, make sure to head down after your next night out to start building up your loyalty card points!