University staff asked people what gender they were as they entered Sheffield SU gender-neutral toilet

The university has issued an apology over the incident


A Sheffield student was asked what his gender was as he tried to enter a gender-neutral toilet in the Sheffield SU building, The Sheffield Tab can exclusively reveal.

Dom, the student in question, has claimed a staff member was put on the door of the toilet and asked people their gender as they tried to enter. He also claims he told the staff member he's male and was subsequently banned from using the toilet.

The university confirmed the incident took place in the gender neutral toilets located downstairs in the SU by the cinema/auditorium, and replied directly to Dom's tweet telling him they're looking into the matter.

A spokesperson for The University of Sheffield apologised for the incident, telling The Sheffield Tab a member of staff was at fault: "A new member of staff misunderstood our policy, which caused some confusion for a short time. Our gender neutral toilets are available for everyone to use. We apologise for any upset this mistake may have caused."

Dom told us he had spoken to the university and solved the issue with them directly.

This news follows Sheffield SU announcing plans earlier this summer to introduce LGBT+ only accommodation this coming academic year.

At the time the SU Women's Officer, Celeste Jones, said: "We strive to ensure that all University accommodation is LGBT+ inclusive; bullying and harassment is unacceptable and will not be tolerated."

The accommodation was oversubscribed, with 30 students applying for only 12 places in the halls.

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