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I met the Lord Mayor of Sheffield on a night out at West Street Live

It could only happen in wezzie

On an average night out it’s normal to expect to meet a diverse assortment of people with many different occupations and backgrounds, but one thing surely no one would expect is to bump into the Lord Mayor of their city, unless of course that city is Sheffield.

Since his appointment in May of this year, ‘Magic’ Magid has taken the city by storm, taking any and every opportunity to mix and socialise with his fellow citizens of Sheffield, and this Sunday night was no exception.

In what inevitably turned into an unofficial meet-and-greet and a perfect opportunity for a new social media profile picture, the Lord Mayor wandered into a fairly busy West Street Live at about 2am.

Donning his now-trademark yellow cap on backwards, Magid was quickly recognised by pockets of inebriated students – many of whom could barely contain their excitement. A crowd began to form around him as everyone jumped at the chance to chat to the man who seems to have united students across the steel city.

When I finally got the chance to chat to the man who brandished US President Donald Trump a “wasteman”, I took the opportunity to get a quick photo for Instagram before I thanked Magid for his part in organising the screening of England’s World Cup semi-final at Devonshire Green last month.

The Lord Mayor was very grateful and struggled to contain his laughter as people around us exclaimed insults aimed at President Trump – which probably aren’t suitable for print.

Seeming to never get tired and never stop smiling, Magid was happy to spend time taking photos and chatting with everyone who approached him.

They say you should never meet your heroes, but no one in West Street Live was left disappointed.