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This girl has outed a Sheffield student for trying to steal her phone whilst necking on with her

They tracked down his Facebook and are now calling him out for it


When you go out on an SU night there are a few guarantees. You'll see twenty people you know, drink quite a few VKs, sing along to Mr Brightside, and probably get with someone you'll end up regretting in the morning.

What you don't expect is for the person you're pulling to try and steal your iPhone while necking on with you.

One girl is accusing a University of Sheffield student of attempting to steal her brand new iPhone X as they shared a tender moment on a night out.

Abbey, a second year Nottingham student, was at Sheffield's Student Union to see My Nu Leng with some friends on Tuesday night.

Abbey told The Tab the bizarre story of how the man she thought was stealing her heart was instead trying to steal her phone.

"At around 2.30am I was dancing with this guy on the right side of the stage, near the front. He asked for my number so I gave him my phone and he typed his number into my contacts. He must have then realised it was an iPhone X in perfect condition. Then he started deleting the name 'Alex' and put in a new name.

"I gave him a confused look and then he changed it back to Alex so must have got the idea to take the phone and didn’t want me to see his real name.

"I didn’t think much of it and took my phone back and put it into my bum bag which was on my front and zipped it up. We continued dancing and we started kissing. Then I kinda felt him rummaging around in my bum bag, I looked down and he had fully unzipped my bag and had my phone in his hand.

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"iPhone X’s light up when you touch the screen, so it had lit up from him taking it out, so I could clearly see he was holding it and starting to back away.

"I took it out of his hand really quickly and he just grinned at me and shrugged. To be honest I was in complete shock, I grabbed the two friends near me at the time and pulled them across the dance floor to get away from him and then I told them what happened."

A mutual friend then looked up the number on Facebook, and discovered his number was attached to his profile so they were able to find out his second name.

Finding out he was a Sheffield student, Abbey's friend put a post on a University of Sheffield Facebook page naming and shaming him for what he allegedly did.

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The male student ignored her messages accusing him of stealing until he saw he'd been outed in the Facebook group, at which point he started denying it, saying she had "got the wrong end of the stick".

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Abbey has since contacted the Sheffield Union security team. "They’re looking into the CCTV cameras. I also wanted to tell them because he could have done it to someone else too."