Marie-Elise Worswick
Marie-Elise Worswick

Editor in Chief at The Tab Sheffield

Staff at Crystal set to wear body cameras

It comes after six people were stabbed there

Hallamnation’s controversional toast opinions have gone viral

Even comedian Chris Ramsay has got involved

Uber suspension has been lifted in Sheffield

It’s a Christmas miracle

Update: Four men in early twenties arrested in Class A student house drug bust

They were arrested on suspicion of the importation of Class A drugs

This Sheffield student is going to be dressing up as a VK every day until Easter

It’s all to raise money for Movember

Breaking: Student house raided by police in Crookesmoor

An eyewitness saw one of the students get arrested

Crookesmoor officially named the best student area to live in

‘It’s just a bigger version of Endcliffe’

Lord Blunkett’s dog has passed away

It’s a sad day in Elmfield

VOTE: Which is the best student area of Sheffield to live in?

Exercise your right to vote

There’s a remembrance service happening today outside the SU

It will be starting from 10am

Sheffield Clubbers of the Week: Pop Tarts Special

Non-stop retro pop

Take this Sheffield Would You Rather Quiz to find out how ‘Sheffield’ you really are

The most difficult quiz you’ll do whilst at uni

This second year will dress up as a VK every single day if he raises £500 for Movember

This is going to be mega

Subway are giving out free sandwiches in Sheffield today

Everyone needs to stay calm

There was a pigeon in Hallam’s library last night

No, seriously

Hallam students named as third laziest in the country for attending lectures

Well, what’s the point when all they do is colour in?

The scariest things in Sheffield which are actually real things

The Corp stairs are definitely the scariest

We spoke to a student who works at Ikea to find out what it’s really like

They really do eat meatballs for lunch every day

Female student urges witnesses to come forward after assault in Code

It happened on 24th September

Cirque du Soul is coming to Sheffield for Hallowe’en and it’s going to be big

Mike Skinner will be doing a DJ set as well

Sheffield’s best smoking area: The results

The winner received 53 per cent of the vote