Marie-Elise Worswick

Marie-Elise Worswick
Sheffield University


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Best Dressed: Tramlines Special

More like glamlines

Black student referred to as a ‘monkey’ by Sheffield Hallam security staff

The university are investigating the incident

Female staff at Uni of work for free after October 24th until the end of the calendar year due to gender pay gap

Women within the University earn 19 per cent less than their male counterparts

Poptarts to be renamed Popheroes after feminists question use of the word ‘tart’

The decision comes after feminists on campus objected to the use of the word ‘tart’

Best Dressed at Snowboxx 2018

Beasts of the pistes

There’s currently an anti-occupation protest happening outside the Arts Tower

Architecture students are not happy

Third year Architecture deadlines pushed back due to occupation of the Arts Tower

Laptops, models and resources are stuck on Floor 18 of the Arts Tower

UPDATE: University and SU provide joint statement regarding attack on SU Officer

It comes after the development officer was physically assaulted at Pop Tarts on Saturday

Sheffield SU’s Development Officer assaulted by Medic Rugby student in unprovoked attack

She was hit in the face by a boy on a sport social

BREAKING: Sheffield’s Vice-Chancellor has joined the picket line outside Firth Court

It comes ahead of his meeting with Sheffield’s UCU this afternoon

UPDATE: University of Sheffield student has died after collision

It comes after an incident involving a truck near to the Alfred Denny building

Police are appealing for witnesses after a 20-year-old man was knocked over outside the Alfred Denny building

He’s in a life threatening condition in hospital

Lilian Jones is your new SU President

So far, it’s an all female office

Update: Striking staff will not lose pay for failing to reschedule cancelled lectures

VC Keith Burnett announced it tonight

Breaking: Education Officer will not be announced tonight at the SU Election Results

It comes after one of the candidates ‘breached conduct’

SU election candidates interviewed by The Tab have now been given an extra £1.50 to spend on campaigning

This comes after candidates not interviewed by The Tab were given £5 extra to spend on campaigning

The best pictures of the Steel City in the snow

The Beast from the East is coming at us hard

We spoke to the guy who drew the massive cock and balls in Crookes Valley Park

Number one legend

Every SU candidate who hasn’t been featured in The Tab will get an extra £5 to spend on campaigning

Finally, someone has put a price on a Tab article

Sheffield’s VC claimed a £3,000 five night, five-star hotel in Singapore on expenses for him and his wife

Alright for some

Reports of contractors tearing down university strike posters

They were also pictured washing away chalk solidarity messages

This girl has outed a Sheffield student for trying to steal her phone whilst necking on with her

They tracked down his Facebook and are now calling him out for it

‘I had to walk away before I lost everything’: We spoke to the Sheffield students addicted to gambling

It’s a serious issue nobody is paying attention to

You can get a free Greggs sausage roll in Sheffield today

This is not a drill

Staff at Crystal set to wear body cameras

It comes after six people were stabbed there

Hallamnation’s controversional toast opinions have gone viral

Even comedian Chris Ramsay has got involved

Uber suspension has been lifted in Sheffield

It’s a Christmas miracle

Update: Four men in early twenties arrested in Class A student house drug bust

They were arrested on suspicion of the importation of Class A drugs

This Sheffield student is going to be dressing up as a VK every day until Easter

It’s all to raise money for Movember

Breaking: Student house raided by police in Crookesmoor

An eyewitness saw one of the students get arrested

Crookesmoor officially named the best student area to live in

‘It’s just a bigger version of Endcliffe’

Lord Blunkett’s dog has passed away

It’s a sad day in Elmfield

VOTE: Which is the best student area of Sheffield to live in?

Exercise your right to vote

There’s a remembrance service happening today outside the SU

It will be starting from 10am

Sheffield Clubbers of the Week: Pop Tarts Special

Non-stop retro pop

Take this Sheffield Would You Rather Quiz to find out how ‘Sheffield’ you really are

The most difficult quiz you’ll do whilst at uni

This second year will dress up as a VK every single day if he raises £500 for Movember

This is going to be mega

Subway are giving out free sandwiches in Sheffield today

Everyone needs to stay calm

There was a pigeon in Hallam’s library last night

No, seriously

Hallam students named as third laziest in the country for attending lectures

Well, what’s the point when all they do is colour in?

The scariest things in Sheffield which are actually real things

The Corp stairs are definitely the scariest

We spoke to a student who works at Ikea to find out what it’s really like

They really do eat meatballs for lunch every day

Female student urges witnesses to come forward after assault in Code

It happened on 24th September

Cirque du Soul is coming to Sheffield for Hallowe’en and it’s going to be big

Mike Skinner will be doing a DJ set as well

Sheffield’s best smoking area: The results

The winner received 53 per cent of the vote

Sheffield’s best smoking area: Vote now

It’s the only democratic vote that really matters

Sheffield A Capella group to star in new Sky 1 competition

The group’s made up of former students and current students from the University of Sheffield

UPDATE: Two people have been charged with attempted murder after stabbings in Sheffield

They will appear in court today

UPDATE: Police appeal for information following stabbings in Sheffield

Five people were stabbed, with one in a critical condition in hospital

BREAKING: Five stabbed in Sheffield city centre

It happened in the early hours of this morning

We caught up with the people at Sheffield’s Nightline to find out about the work they do

No problem is too big or too small

We met up with one of the candidates for next year’s Miss England 2018

She’s an architecture student at the University of Sheffield

Nominations are now open for Sheffield’s Maddest Fresher 2017

This is the only competition worth winning

Clubbers of the Week: Sheff Freshers Special

Things got pretty messy

Big Cook, Little Cook are coming to Code on Tuesday

Welcome to our cafe, cafe

University of Sheffield named in top 100 universities in the world by Good University Guide 2018

It’s up three places on last year’s rank

Let’s face it, Sheffield is the best city to come to uni in

You get gravy on absolutely everything

We spoke to the people behind Hallam’s new club night starting this week

It’s one not to be missed

Sheffield student died after taking cyanide he got from University of Sheffield lab

He was studying for a PhD in microbiology

How many balloons are too many? We asked an expert how bad NOS actually is for you

It acts in a similar way to ketamine apparently

An accurate guide to spotting the private school student at your uni

They definitely had a gap yah

Hetty Douglas has issued a half-hearted apology for mocking workmen in McDonald’s

She claims to not be as privileged as people have made out

Just because I’m an only child, it doesn’t make me a spoilt brat

Stop labelling us with these outdated misconceptions

Och aye! Scottish clubbers of the week are back and they are mad wae it

We’d walk 500 miles, and then we’d walk 500 more just to go on the lash with this lot

These are the universities that produce the most millionaires

Dollar dollar bills y’all

Our Sheffield Vice Chancellor needs to justify his huge salary

He earns nearly three times as much as Theresa May

University of Sheffield up five places on last year in world university rankings

Hallam was ranked 801 – 1000

These are officially the best British unis in the world, according to the new Times Higher Education Rankings

University of Oxford has been ranked number one

Charity worker who set up ‘Tent City’ handed suspended sentence for growing cannabis

He also has to do 100 hours of unpaid work

Former Sheffield public toilets are being turned into new cocktail bar

Here’s hoping it’ll be open until the wee hours

Every single mistake you will make in your first year in Sheffield

You’ll probably lose your ID at least once

All the weird things Sheffield students do without even realising they’re weird

People genuinely do wear school uniform on nights out

You can buy tickets for next year’s Tramlines for just £25

This is not a drill

‘Tonnes of really big bands and scenes have come from Sheffield’: An interview with Joe from Metronomy

‘I guess the good thing about university is having something to fall back on’

‘Sheffield is the only city which could host a festival like Tramlines’: An interview with Sheffield’s Sgt. Pepper Project

‘Our advice to students coming to Sheffield? Go and visit the peak district.’

Roundup of the Best Pictures from Tramlines 2017

Wish you were there x

‘My advice to international students is to always embrace who you are and where you’re from’: An interview with Fuse ODG

‘I’m using music as a platform to make people love themselves and to make people happy’

Everything you need to know about Tramlines this weekend

Literally, everything

University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam both awarded ‘Silver’ by TEF

The Vice Chancellor of Sheffield Hallam chaired the panel

What your summer festival says about you

Get your wavey garms out for the sunshine

BREAKING: Girl dies in Sheffield after taking MDMA

Another remains critical in hospital

University of Sheffield named in top 100 best universities in the world

They’re up two places on last year

BREAKING: Armed police cordon off part of Kelham Island

It’s thought to be a counter-terrorism operation

We asked the students of Sheffield who would be their fantasy Prime Minister

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?

Merry Rogerson crowned BNOC of the Year 2017

Over 2,000 of you voted

BNOC of the Year 2017: The Final

Who wins? You decide

There’s going to be a vigil for Manchester outside the SU

It’s taking place at 5pm

Tramlines announce three new stages for this year’s festival

They’re launching a new tent on Devonshire Green

Sheffield University reviewing security procedures in light of Manchester attacks

The UK terror threat has been raised to critical

Rachel Yeates is Sheffield’s Most Eligible Bachelorette of 2017

Buckaroo takes the crown

BNOC of the Year 2017: First Year Special

Get voting!!

The Leadmill Comedy Festival: Everything you need to know

There’s even performances happening on a double decker bus

Sheffield’s most eligible bachelorette 2017: Voting is now open

Who is the steel city’s most eligible bachelorette?

Hallam graduate and young rugby player dies in sleep

He was 25 years old

Meet the Sheffield student who’s set up his own political podcast

He’s got Natalie Bennett live on his show tomorrow at 1.30pm

University of Sheffield ranked the 40th best in the country

Hallam came 85th

Nearly a third of Sheffield students are voting for the Conservatives

Maybe they really hate foxes?

Sheffield’s most eligible bachelorette 2017 nomination: Milly Gigg

And she’s sticking around for another year

Sheffield’s most eligible bachelorette 2017 nomination: Olivia Searles

A gym bunny and karaoke queen

Tramlines named as one of the top 10 city festivals in the UK

They feature in The Guardian’s festival guide

Clubbers of the Week: End of term special

Essay? What essay?