Every single mistake you will make in your first year in Sheffield

You’ll probably lose your ID at least once

So you've worked your arse off for the past two years doing your A-Levels and now you're about to commence on your first year of uni at Sheffield.

Even the most responsible of you out there will have at least one disaster whilst at uni, but read this list carefully and you might avoid some of the classic schoolboy errors that can befall any Sheffield fresher.

You'll fall down the stairs in Corp

Trust us, those stairs are lethal. How they're still allowed in an age of health and safety regulations is beyond anyone. You can wear your sturdiest of trainers with the best grip in the world, and you will still fall arse over tit down those stairs. Also, when you inevitably graze your arm/leg/bum/head, which you'll only realise in the morning, it'll covered in 'corp juice' and smell of blue VK.

Get some antiseptic on there ASAP – God knows what infection you could have picked up off those floors.

You'll forget about your essay and pull an all nighter before it's due

You've had since the beginning of term to plan, read, draft and finalise your essay, and yet you can guarantee it will be 24 hours before it's due that you'll be planning an all nighter in the IC. You'll be dashing to the Co-op to buy enough meal deals to feed an army and copious amounts of biscuits and sweets to help you power through those 1,500 words.

Hello darkness, my old friend

Hello darkness, my old friend

You'll regret ever making anyone a cup of tea

There's an unspoken rule at university, where if you're making yourself a cup of tea, you have to go round and knock on everybody's door to ask if they want one too. Once the 'tea drinkers' are established, and you all know how everyone likes their brews, that's it for life. You'll be unable to ever enter the kitchen again without someone piping up with "Are you putting the kettle on?"

You'll have a hangover so bad you'll think you're literally dead

You wake up in the morning with no recollection of how you got home last night or why you seem to have a traffic cone in your room. You'll attempt to get out of bed to go for a wee when you suddenly realise you can't even stand up straight. You'll crawl on your knees to the bathroom, attempting not to throw up all over the place, and sit quietly there for an hour, head in hands, contemplating your poor life choices.

You'll get lost

After all, you're in a strange city and don't want to spend your life walking around with Google Maps on, so you get cocky and decide you know exactly the way to walk back from the centre of town to your flat in Endcliffe. You'll get completely lost and end up jumping in an Uber, only to realise you were 30 seconds away.

You'll also get lost around campus and at one point end up in the wrong lecture hall.

You'll have a politically sensitive argument

Students are known for their passion for politics, and at one point in the year you're bound to have a raging argument with someone who, in your opinion, is talking nonsensical bullshit. Be it about Margaret Thatcher, or whether Corbyn is the right man for the job.

You'll buy tickets to events and never end up going

This will happen the most in Freshers' week when you don't want to come across as being the stubborn one and insisting you go to the event you paid for, you'll tag along with everyone else and be secretly fuming that you paid £14 for an event you haven't even gone to.

You'll also run out of money a long time before the term ends.

£5 is so much money when you're at uni

£5 is so much money when you're at uni

You'll not admit you're really missing home

No doubt you'll be insistent you're not going home until Christmas, but with a bout of fresher's flu and not having had a proper night's sleep for a month, you'll be craving your mum's roast dinner and chicken soup. You'll also miss your friends at home more than you thought you would, and the mistake a lot of freshers make is failing to keep in touch where people back at home.

Take some time to Facetime your mum, or tag your mates in memes on Facebook.

You'll fall out with one of your flatmates fairly early on

Then for the rest of the year, despite being 'friends', find everything they do ridiculously annoying. The chances are that they'll do something really minor, such as one time use your cheese without asking, or not do their washing up for a week, and you'll be mortal enemies forever more. Minor disagreements are really put under the microscope in the goldfish bowl that is halls.



You'll lose your phone/ID/Student card

On a night out, you'll mindlessly put your phone on the bar whilst you buy a drink and forget to pick it back up again. Or you'll get out of the taxi and realise the next morning you've left your bag on the back seat. It happens to the best of us.

I've lost my phone, but I've gained a traffic cone

I've lost my phone, but I've gained a traffic cone

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