You can now check how many computers are available in uni from the comfort of your own bed

Our prayers have been answered

The absolute babes running our university libraries have just given us the gift we’ve always been pining for.

Using the nifty Learning Spaces website, it is now possible to check how many computers are free in each of the uni buildings from the comfort of your own duvet.

The site includes our beloved IC and Diamond, notorious for a lack of available space. Better still, you can check down to the specific floor.

Guess that’s me staying in bed today then

Thank you Sheffield Uni for justifying days spent wallowing in pyjamas, gorging on Sainos cookies and watching crappy daytime TV. Escape to the Country omnibus? Would be rude not to.

The website also gives live updates on occupancy figures of the IC and Diamond as well as information on extra study spaces being provided during exam season.

Being lazy has never been so easy.