Sheffield remains in the top 125 best unis in the world

Hallam scrapped in at 801 lol


Sheffield is one of the 125 world’s best universities, according to the Times Higher Education World Rankings released today.

We continue to impress internationally in the prestigious rankings and also beat several of our competitors with Newcastle, Birmingham, and Liverpool all lagging behind us.

Despite falling slightly from last year’s rankings, our 109th spot means we are still maintaining a place on the world stage against 980 institutions from 79 different countries.

Just like our triumph in this year’s Varsity, Hallam did not fair as well and crawled in at the 801+ mark.

Unsurprisingly, we did lose out to the likes of Oxbridge and Imperial, but Durham took an unexpected hammering this year falling down the list by 26 places.

However, our Yorkshire rivals did trail behind us, with York coming in at 129 and Leeds in 133.

The highly regarded league tables judge whether research-intensive universities have upped their game across the areas of teaching, research, knowledge transfer and international outlook.

This year’s rankings also feature 10 new countries, including: Costa Rica, Kuwait, the Philippines and Sri Lanka.

Speaking of the our place in the rankings, SU President Dom Trendall, said: “As students at the University of Sheffield, we’re proud to be part of a such a prestigious internationally recognised institution.

“This is testament to the incredible work put in by staff and students alike.”

History and Sociology finalist Hannah Stevens, added: “Obviously I am happy that we’ve done well again, I absolutely love going to Sheffield.

“Huge pre’s at mine to celebrate our success!”