Players is by far the worst thing about West Street

Did it really need saying?

It is an opinion held by the vast majority of Sheffield students that Players is utterly appalling in most respects, and if by some small chance your bar crawl is stopping here it will go to hell in a handcart. Let us take a moment to explore why.

While the male bar staff are permitted to wear clothes suitable to work in, the women working are paraded round in faux American cheerleaders uniforms, setting the sexist tone of the entire place nicely.

Girls only drink things that are pink and sparkly right?

Players, being an inclusive bar, has even managed to split their selection of drinks into ones that girls will like. Thank heavens there is a pink sparkly option to drink, or women might not want to spend anytime in Players at all!

To top it off, the ‘male’ drinks have been given manly names like “Fire” and “Godfather”. Brilliant – who knew that all the men who visit Players needed their fragile masculinities reinforcing that much?

The problems with this are literally endless, enjoy

Whoever worked on the promotional posters for Players has clearly not strained anything, placing two scantily clad women centre stage, using the sexualisation of their bodies to promote what is actually a club.

The witty slogan “what happens in Players, stays in Players”  is something you can be assured is going to come from the lips of every 30+ years old male that spends their free time leaching round the sports bar.

So alarming it really doesn’t bare thinking about

Organising big nights like “50 Shades of Players”, the lack of customers really does strain credulity, but maybe the themes of domination and submissive women don’t appeal to any human actually using their brain to make decisions.

A scathing Trip Advisor review said: “Service was slow (thankfully) and the already drunk yobs at the bar were fairly intimidating.

“When one of them dropped a full pint over the floor I took this as my cue to leave before even buying a beer. This is the kind of establishment that would have (dis)graced Blackpool seafront 20 years ago.”

Two guesses who the target clientele is? #inspiring

On top of everything else, the ‘no panty day’ advertisement is just the icing on the cake and at this point I expect nothing less than this. We just want to know if the invitation stretches to men too.

The combination of all of this means that not only should Players should be avoided at all costs, it is in fact, the worst thing about West St.