I’m a third year and I haven’t even received half of the uni experience I’ve paid £27k for

‘As strikes are set to take place at the start of December, it just feels like Groundhog Day’

POV: Sheffield’s COP26 Protest

‘System change, not climate change’

Costumes and consent at Halloween

Are people paying more attention to our costumes than our words?

University doesn’t have to be the best time of your life

A letter from a graduate to a Sheffield fresher

‘It is unnerving and unfair’: I was bet on by multiple men on holiday

Seriously, am I a horse?

Men in Sheffield, it’s time to speak out about sexual harassment

I am a man, and I am sick of male predatory behaviour towards women

Opinion: I’m joining the Sheffield student rent strike and here’s why

‘If I was paying around £2.50 a week, perhaps this would be fair’

Dear Sheffield students, this is how you can support Black Lives Matter

Black people cannot carry the weight of injustice on their shoulders, whilst the institutionalised systems still prevail

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