How to dress for Tramlines

Comfort and style are equally important

Festival dressing usually consists of Hunter wellies and wax jackets (see Alexa Chung at Glasto.) However, Tramlines is a city festival so preparation for drowning in mud can be exchanged for chic outfits to be paraded around the city centre.

Of course comfort is still key because Tramlines involves a lot of walking between stages and you need to be ready for Sheffield’s temperamental weather.

But luckily, you can bring more clothes to metropolitan festivals because you are probably staying somewhere with much more storage space than a two man tent in a field has to offer. With that in mind, here is what you should wear to Tramlines this weekend.


Sunglasses are essential not only for shielding your eyes from the sun, but also for hiding your face behind if you go too hard on the opening night (or any night of the weekend.) Pick a quirky pair to stand out from the crowd. Avoid wearing the expensive pair you got for your birthday, as you risk losing them in the crowd.

A band t-shirt paired with denim shorts is a staple festival outfit. Try and pick a niche band that are playing at the festival this year so people think you’re really cool. This year opt for a Hinds or Black Honey t-shirt. If it’s too last minute to splash out on a brand new t-shirt just to be a poser this weekend, just wear a band t-shirt that you already own.

For shoes, make sure they are comfy, but also make sure they’re not ugly. You can prioritise those two factors in whatever order you want. Whilst you don’t want to be hobbling uphill with blisters all weekend, you also don’t want to look uncool in frumpy trainers.


Today is the first day of Tramlines’ Vintage Weigh and Pay, so get decked out in some vintage garms. The ’90s are still hot right now, so think Levi mom jeans/shorts or a floral slip dress with Docs.


It’s the last day of the festival, so you’re probably tired, hungover and accepting of an overall lower quality of health. It’s time to bring out the rockstar on a comedown look to make sure that looking shit has never been so hot. The components of this look are messy hair, dark sunglasses, skinny jeans and a leather or denim jacket. Cigarette and moody diva attitude are optional.


If you have to dress sensibly during the day for comfort, then Tramlines nights out are times for getting creative with bright colours and glam. Festivals are special occasions so don’t be afraid to dress up a bit more than usual. Just remember not to go too Carver Street in bodycons and heels; a little more sparkle than usual is fine.

Glitter is compulsory.