We asked Sheffield what we should do with Kanye

‘Kim needs to confiscate his phone’

His recent social media meltdown has arguably been on par with Britney circa 2007 and the Amanda Bynes disaster, but as Kanye’s tweets become more and more ridiculous we’re all asking the same questions. Is he actually OK and what should we do with him?

We asked you to answer the burning question on everyone’s lips.

Dora, English Lit

“Either he’s making it up or he’s really got problems and is going down the Amanda Bynes route. I think he’s just really clever or he’s clinically unhinged.”

Ethan, Journalism

“I think Mark Zuckerberg should give him the billion dollars he asked for on Twitter and we should be done with it. Maybe Kanye West does deserve that billion more than Kenya.”

Kim, English Lit and Spanish

“Keep getting award show Twitter accounts to shut him down and hopefully it will eventually kick in.”

Dave, Robotic and Electronic Engineering

“What should we do with him? I don’t know. Kanye is an interesting man. Where does the persona end and the person begin? What does he represent to us and why do we like him so much?”

Tilly, English Lit

“Start a Kanye Trust because apparently he needs help and money #savekanye2016.”

Jess, English and Theatre

“He makes me cringe. He thinks he’s like a god when he’s just a normal guy. I feel sorry for Kim Kardashian.”

Jess, Music

“I love the Kardashians but I feel like Kanye’s bringing them down. I like Taylor Swift and he’s been a dick to her. I loved her speech at the Grammys. He’s insane. He’s not the best artist of all time. The fact his album’s just on Tidal is ridiculous.”

Gracie, English Lit and Philosophy

“He needs to be brought back down to earth.”

Abi, Civil and Structural Engineering 

“Kim needs to confiscate his phone.”

Ellie, English Lit

“My advice for Kanye is that he needs to go back to his ‘Graduation’ phase, take a step back, reassess, let ‘Life of Pablo’ do its thing. He should get off Tidal. He needs to stop putting his models in bad clothing. I’ve heard his new album and he needs to keep up the good work and more videos with North cause ‘Only One’ is a sick video. There’s no need to be calling people fake. Stay out of each other’s lives and keep making good music.”