The best places on campus to sleep off your hangover

The Paternoster is for the thrill seeking napper

After a messy night of quad-vad fuelled regrets, the thought of enduring a 9am lecture may be akin to torture – but have no fear, a tactical nap around campus could be a exactly what the doctor ordered.

Yes, you have a bed, but why trek home when such a vast array of nap spots exist elsewhere? Broaden your horizons, explore the campus and find the slumber spot that’s right for you.

The Paternoster

Some use it as a means of transport, but why not use it as a napping spot? The gentle up and down movement of the paternoster is bound to send you straight to sleep. Just close your eyes and imagine you are floating on a cloud, and off into a peaceful slumber.

The Laundry Room

A sleep in the laundry room is both a practical and pleasant experience. Let the smell of fresh linen and the humming of a nearby tumble dryer put you in a state of tranquility, whilst also getting some clothes cleaned in the process.

The IC

As far as snoozing goes, the IC is a dream location. In fact, theres about as many people sleeping in there as there are studying. So find yourself a sofa in the silent area, rest your head for a little while and relish in the strictly enforced no talking policy, you’ll be out like a light in no time.

Endcliffe Pond

 A scenic place to rest your head, Endcliffe pond is the perfect environment to enjoy some shut eye. Sit back, relax and soak up the etherial vibes of mother nature – your hangover will soon become a thing of the past.

The Concourse

 Who knew that such a perfect sleeping facility has been right under your nose? The curved architecture of the concourse makes it the optimum shape for all your napping needs. The nattering of passers by is an effective lullaby.

Back of a Lecture

 If you don’t want to blemish your attendance record then this is the spot for you. You can sleep off your hangover whilst subconsciously absorbing your lecture at the same time. Its sure to be the most productive nap you’ll ever take.

Bar One

Perhaps the most convenient place to catch fourty winks – resting at Bar One means you don’t even have to venture home after a heavy night at Roar. Just find yourself a sofa at 3am and wake up refreshed and rejuvenated in time for your early morning lecture. Ideal.