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Joanna Freedman
Sheffield University


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Corp is officially the thing we will miss most about Sheffield

The votes have been counted

Nominations are open for Sheffield’s BNOC of the Year

It could be you

Sheffield SU president speaks out in defence of Malia Bouattia

He said her comments were ‘a long time ago’

What will you miss most about Sheffield?

Bet it’s not the hills

Sheffield triumphs at Varsity for the fourth year running


Clubbers of the week

Drinking away the deadlines

Police appeal for witnesses after a stabbing near Ecclesall Road

It happened by Champs Bar

Hedgehog with its spines cut off found in Sheffield halls

It was deliberately harmed

Sheffield social life ranked the best in the UK

It also ranked third for student experience

Balti King is the best part of a night out in Sheffield

It’s better than the club

Pop Tarts are now selling pizzas and pasties

Move over Dan Bean

Kelis and Jurassic 5 to join the Tramlines line up

My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard

Sheffield is covered in snow and everyone has lost it

Grab your wellies

Man claims Adnans takeaway told him they could “do without batty boys in here tonight”

Adnan fiercely denies the claims

A Palestine Society poster in the Union has been branded anti-semitic

Their President claims it was just a typo

Is this the maddest clubbers of the week EVER??

The duck faces were out in force

One man attacked and another threatened with a handgun in the city centre

It happened last night

Clubbers of the week: Filthy February

Turn your swag on

What does your West Street Live drink say about you?

Choccy biccy shot please babes

A Hallam second year is using social media to re-home vulnerable dogs

Noel Gallagher even adopted one off her

Getting hench doesn’t make you attractive, you just become a tragic clone

Your guns aren’t fooling anyone

Five years jail for man who stabbed three people in Viper after two litres of vodka and seven lines of cocaine

He was described as a ‘danger to the community’

Clubbers of the week: Exam edition

Workin’ it

State of Sheffield and Think Create are back, and freshers are not happy

I don’t need the space to think, I need a lie in

Are you Sheffield’s maddest fresher?

Nominations are open

Interval are now delivering pizza to the library for a fiver

Our prayers have been answered

Police are hunting two men after an assault in Hallam halls

It happened in December

Clubbers of the week: What exams?

Better ask for an extenuating circumstances

Sheffield Uni is one of the country’s most LGBT friendly employers

It ranked 61st in the UK

Pop Tarts are hosting a David Bowie tribute night

Put on those red shoes and dance the blues

Pop World has been voted the worst club in the UK

But what about the free toast?

More snow is predicted to fall in Sheffield this weekend

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Outrage as SU sells majority of Pop Tarts tickets before general release

They sold them all to societies

A fake suicide vest has been discovered in the city centre

Police are now warning against ‘terrorism related pranks’

Assessment season is here, you need to create a revision illusion

Being lazy is so 2014

A march and vigil against gendered violence is being held tonight

It’s part of the Reclaim the Night movement

We went on a night out with Fatman Scoop

But what really is the New York transit line?

Stop hating on basic bitches, they’ve just accepted reality

Deep down, aren’t we all a bit basic?

Snow is forecast in Sheffield this evening

Do you wanna build a snowman?

Sheffield medic says she would be ‘better off working at Mcdonalds’

She says new contracts would be ‘detrimental to patient safety’

BPOC: Meet ASAP Hoppy

He’s kind of a big deal

What does your Broomhill Friery order say about you?

You are what you eat

I emailed every girl called Jess at Sheffield to find my lost flame

He just wanted to say hi

Meet Marni the deaf puppy who knows sign language

She’s looking for a new home

‘I brought my Dad along to Pop Tarts’

He has plans to take his Mum to Leadmill too

A new nightclub called ‘Arch 9’ has opened its doors in Sheffield

It’s under the Wicker Arches

The best places on campus to sleep off your hangover

The Paternoster is for the thrill seeking napper

Sheffield lands a spot in the top 15 unis in the UK

Basically, we’re all really clever

We tried Quidditch and it was really elitist

We wouldn’t even have made Hufflepuff

Socialist graffiti scrawled on University concourse

Vandals of the world, unite!

Sheffield drops to 80th best uni in the world

But Hallam didn’t even make the top 800

Fez is back for freshers week, but where?

You can stop mourning now

Please, shut up about your library girlfriend

Bae doesn’t even know who you are

You’re a terrible person if you still indirect tweet

You’re not in high school anymore

The SU has scrapped tampon tax

It’s about time

Sheffield finalists are going to vote Labour, say polls

And across the country they’re set to ditch the Lib Dems

What’s your WhatsApp group name?

A selection of the weird and wonderful