Is 2015’s SU Freshers line up our least exciting yet?

Same rubbish acts, different year

This year’s slate of Freshers’ Week events leave a lot to be desired, again.

Usually, freshers week at any university can be relied upon to pull out all of the stops, pay up and get a few special guests to wow the crowds.

However, with the exceptions of the reliably excellent Tuesday Club and the country’s “biggest and best” SU night Pop Tarts, it appears as if the SU’s bookings department took the summer off.


The Tuesday Club’s line up includes solid names like Chris Lorenzo and DJ Zinc, and sold out weeks in advance. Maybe the other club nights could take heed – instead of boring over-used old ideas, think outside the box. Either get actual DJs or artists, or at least somebody with mildly funny photo potential. There’s always a story to be had with a special guest that everyone wants to see.

Instead, our Union is left devoid of ideas, and facing another disappointing week.

Tired cliches are the order of the day this year, with scintillatingly original event ideas such as “Frat Party”, “Animal Party”, “Skool Disco” and “Silent Disco”, all lower rent rip offs of the nights we’ve been going to all year. Plug, Crystal and Carver Street both play host to Animal or Zoo themed parties this week. The Frat Party stock idea is a staple of (dreadful) Propaganda nights across the country, and Skool Disco is a blatant attempt to siphon off some of the success of Corp Wednesdays.

Other, lesser Unions seem able to attract big name stars to entertain the thousands of excitable first years flooding university cities this month, so why can’t we?

UWE’s Freshers Closing Party line up saw DJ Fresh and B. Traits headlining. Leeds’ Freshers Finale is set to be graced by Katy B and Radio 1’s Chris Stark. Even Kent Uni have got Fuse ODG.

Not just lacking in star quality compared to other universities, they seem to be reeling out the same mediocre shit year by year: X Factor drop out Lucy Spraggan was the headline of the Freshers Festival in 2013, and this year it’s been scrapped completely.

Our Union now appears to have forgotten about the Friday night all together, hosting a difficult-to-find, under-promoted Silent Disco on the Friday of Freshers – a drastic change from the Freshers Festival and epic Space nights of years gone by.

Is it too much to ask of the so-called number one SU in the UK to set up a few interesting nights out, or invite some impressive guests to DJ or simply show their faces? Instead, the Union seems happy to sit on the same twee cliches year in, year out.